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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Call of Duty : Black Ops

I've been checking up regularly on this new line from the Call of Duty Franchise since its annoucement at the start of May, and its slated for a 9th November 2010 release. So fanboys and videogamers alike can expect a very merry, bloody and messy year end holiday in online multiplayer...

Most of what that would be expected of World at War's engine would be back, including dismemberment of enemies etc....though the engine is improved from what i've read.

that aside, the DEBUT trailer has got me jacked for its release. considering it features an interrogative/torture scenario where ''you'' are forced to recall and divulge information over previous black ops missions, till the point your heart stops and a cold sinster voice orders you to be revived, (for further torture...doh')...

you can check out the trailer from the official site HERE.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Toy's Facebook Iron Man Competition


been late on posting as i've been very busy of late, but the good news to share here would be that i've won the HOT TOYS IRON MAN COMPETITION!!!!

I've been contacted by Hot Toys and will be receiving this prize via mail sometime during early June!!! You may check this link here, for a look at my winning entry!

Thank you HOT TOYS!!!

Hot Toys Announcements: Predators and Terminator T-1000/sarah connor disguise Figure Unveiled,

Lookin' real good so far, as Hot Toys recently unveiled over at Hot Toys Tokyo International Toyfair 2010.
The supposed ''Super Black Predator'' which was named/dubbed from the movie's casting, debuts itself as to how it would look like in 1/6th glory here. And it's giving me the itch to catch the film and building up every ounce of geek hype!
T-1000 disguised as Sarah Connor comes in a limited run of 300 pieces, as far as sources over at MEDIWORLD go... loving the realism of the free flowing hair, intense expression and liquid metal bullet hole battlescar....
Can't wait to see the full announcements for these figures!
Hot Toys June Announcements DO COME QUICKLY!!!!