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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3: Movie Review

Toy Story 3, follows up as decade long awaited sequel to the franchise so fondly known and treasured in the hearts of the inner child within us. Toy Story 3, truly succeeds in delivering the essence of what Toy Story had always been about, the inner child within us, the emotive attachments with the characters we've grown so fond of through the years, and with a twist this time around, how things never stay the same with the passing of time.

Toy Story 3 takes viewers to a darker place of finality which we always knew would happen. Children grow up, and outgrow the very toys they grew up with. The simple fact on how things could and would not last forever. Despite its somewhat underlying darker theme, Toy Story 3 is truly a heart warming, tear jerking emotive film suitable for viewers of all ages, and reconnects every adult with that little child in us, and brings back every small childhood memory we've ever had with any toy in our lives.

A DEFINITE must watch, irregardless of the kind of films you love. And by far from the rest of this summer's films thus far, this one scores a 5/5 stars with me.

Disney/Pixar never fails to deliver with their films. Oh, and likewise with Disney/Pixar films, this too comes along with a short film entitled '' Day & Night" Truly touching too, especially when it came to that old vintage radio voiceovers.

Don't miss this film for the world. And best caught in 3D.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Force Unleashed 2: E3 Exclusive Betrayal Cinematic Trailer

You can't have it better than Star Wars Video Games. Their narratives just blows your mind. And if you didn't yet know or haven't been following up. The secret apprentice died in TFU 1, and he returns as a clone with implanted memories of his past life in TFU 2. Hence explaining the ending of this trailer.

Be sure to get your copy when it hits stores on 26th October 2010.

Purchases thus far

With the holidays having just begun, comes along the opportunity to show what i've been doing thus far.

While this may seem like alot, the purchases above are separate between what i've bought and completed since the start of the year, (the left) and those i've just bought today. (Right)

I don't quite need to explain the Hurt Locker, hearing rave reviews about it from friends and family alike and having won the Oscar for best picture, its pretty clear i had to have it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a good distraction for the start of the year but i've since moved on to Splinter Cell Conviction since i've been anticipating its release for a good 3 years. Though i can't quite say the same for AVP.

And ever since the PC's release of SCC, its been pretty much devoured, yes devoured my leisure time but the time has come for me to take off the gloves, put back those tri-focal-splinter-cell goggles and put this game down. Its been a blast, and i'd say i'd be damn if you're a gamer and haven't played it, but having unlocked all the PEC challenges and juiced all the fun i could with it through coop, its time to move on.

The purchases to the left were done today. Couldn't get my eyes off from the latest Green Day album, the original broadway cast recordings and what nots....got a few badges to ornate my guitar strap whilst waiting for it to be serviced and have its pickups changed.

Yep the Pickups I picked out to upgrade my guitar with. Quite a hefty sum, but a long overdued overhaul for my guitar.

And laugh all you want, i know its a little late to pick up GTA IV since its end 2008 release, but i've got both GTA IV and its Episodes from liberty city to keep me preoccupied during this video game dry spell till the release of THE FORCE UNLEASHED II, scheduled for a 26th October release.

oh, and that little can named ''buff'' is actually a nice stretchy scarf/mask/bandanna, commonly known from survivor, though in a different print. Will come in handy when i hit the road on my bike.(mud splatters and drizzle do get in the way)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Call of Duty : Black Ops

I've been checking up regularly on this new line from the Call of Duty Franchise since its annoucement at the start of May, and its slated for a 9th November 2010 release. So fanboys and videogamers alike can expect a very merry, bloody and messy year end holiday in online multiplayer...

Most of what that would be expected of World at War's engine would be back, including dismemberment of enemies etc....though the engine is improved from what i've read.

that aside, the DEBUT trailer has got me jacked for its release. considering it features an interrogative/torture scenario where ''you'' are forced to recall and divulge information over previous black ops missions, till the point your heart stops and a cold sinster voice orders you to be revived, (for further torture...doh')...

you can check out the trailer from the official site HERE.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Toy's Facebook Iron Man Competition


been late on posting as i've been very busy of late, but the good news to share here would be that i've won the HOT TOYS IRON MAN COMPETITION!!!!

I've been contacted by Hot Toys and will be receiving this prize via mail sometime during early June!!! You may check this link here, for a look at my winning entry!

Thank you HOT TOYS!!!

Hot Toys Announcements: Predators and Terminator T-1000/sarah connor disguise Figure Unveiled,

Lookin' real good so far, as Hot Toys recently unveiled over at Hot Toys Tokyo International Toyfair 2010.
The supposed ''Super Black Predator'' which was named/dubbed from the movie's casting, debuts itself as to how it would look like in 1/6th glory here. And it's giving me the itch to catch the film and building up every ounce of geek hype!
T-1000 disguised as Sarah Connor comes in a limited run of 300 pieces, as far as sources over at MEDIWORLD go... loving the realism of the free flowing hair, intense expression and liquid metal bullet hole battlescar....
Can't wait to see the full announcements for these figures!
Hot Toys June Announcements DO COME QUICKLY!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Toys: Iron Man 2 Mark IV - Full Pictures Revealed













This figure's gonna sport a new Tony Stark Headsculpt! Red lensed sunglasses and A donut box and donut!! gonna be perfect to recreate that SDCC teaser released last year where Stark was sitting atop a donut store eating a donut!!! Hawt Damn, a donut with a donut box....







Hot Toys – MMS123 - Iron Man 2: 1/6th scale Mark IV Limited Edition Collectible Figurine

~ Movie Masterpiece Series ~
Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Mark IV Limited Edition Collectible Figurine from the Iron Man 2 movie. The movie-accurate Mark IV collectible is highly detailed and fully deployed, specially crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as the iconic character Mark IV in the movie, highlighting the well equipped armor and light-up functions.

The 1/6th scale Mark IV Limited Edition Collectible Figurine specially features:
- Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness as Mark IV in the movie Iron Man 2
- Newly developed alternate head with authentic likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the movie (photos coming soon)

- Approximately 30 cm tall
- Over 36 points of articulations
- Special features on armor:
- Newly developed movie-accurate helmet
- LED-lighted eyes and Micro ARC reactor on chest (white light, battery operated)
- One (1) piece of detachable chest armor
- Improved articulations on waist armor which allow flexible movement
- Detachable forearm rockets
- Four (4) pairs of interchangeable palms:
- + One (1) pair with improved articulations, movable fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
- + One (1) pair of open palms with light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
- + One (1) pair of relaxed palms with light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
- + One (1) pair of forceful fists
- Fully deployed air flaps at back of the armor with built-in metal flaps
- Retractable countermeasure dispenser
- Articulated flaps at the back of armor on left and right legs
- Metallic red and gold-colored painting on armor


- One (1) pair of red framed sunglasses

- One (1) donut box with one donut inside

- Extendable figure stand with Mark IV nameplate and movie logo

- One more additional square-shaped figure stand with LED light-up function, Mark IV nameplate and movie logo (white light, battery operated)

- Head Sculpted by Kojun

- Head Painted by JC. Hong

- Head Art Directed by JC. Hong

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sideshow Collectibles: 501st Vader's Fist Clone Trooper

We've been waiting for this for far too long, and hum-ho finally here comes the long anticipated 501st Vader's Fist Clone Trooper!!!

Lovin' the battle scarrings on the armor of this figure, even though its just a rehash/repaint of the standard trooper.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Toys Clash of the Titans Preview: Perseus

Looking pretty good. Though i guess everyone's waiting on the full announcement to see the accessories this figure will be sporting. Seems like this figure will be sporting a somewhat similiar body to Comedian's, namely the hirsute* body, as opposed to a muscular rubber sheathed body.
Caught the film today, and i say it's been good enough to get my attention piqued for this line of figures!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Evans will star as CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Yes, Chris Evans has been confirmed to star as Captain America. Many thanks to the REBEL for this piece of news! While i may not be an avid follow of Captain America, with what little knowledge i have from my childhood days of browsing through its comics, i agree with the Rebel that i do find Chris Evans rather unsuiting for this particular role.

Still can't quite get into my head Chris Evans as the All American Hero...
You may read the article here. Kudos to The REBEL again for this piece of news.

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: Whiplash Teaser

Hot Toys has released a teaser of their upcoming product. Need i say more?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: War Machine (Pictures Released)


And here we have it, in its full glory, War Machine, by Hot Toys.
Looking very impressive, and carrying a ton of heavy weaponry too.




Whilst i'd say everything looks perfect, despite the film not being out yet,
I'd go as far as to say i find James Rhodes/Don cheadle likeness is totally off.
While the features are discernable, it still strikes me as a way miss in the features department.

And pardon me for being a wet blanket as to say that his head looks squashed to the top of the helmet too.



Everything else looks mighty fine!







Seems pretty apparent, Hot Toys invested a significant amount of time in R&D to come up with the nifty little details like movable fingers and abdomen pieces. Though i hope they dont' come around with a BD/DX version, though i guess we'd all see that coming around if its popularity is overwhelming.

Predators (Sneak Peek Trailer)

Skipping the sequel to the original predator, Robert Rodriguez takes the helm as the director in this film, Predators. I am highly anticipating this movie as it'd be definately mind blowing to watch a film that stays true to its roots, or so Robert claims, as opposed to the severe dilution and over the top gore/blood fest that the predator and alien franchise has now become after Aliens Versus Predator.

Not that AVP isn't awesome. it's been falling steadily through the A grade to a B grade film with each sequel.

So for a reboot of a franchise of which fans have mostly since lost faith in its credibility to deliver, hey, i'm game to watch this film!

The full trailer releases on the 18th march.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie Review: Green Zone


Caught Paul Greengrass' Green Zone on Thursday, and it's pretty much deserved the hype it got and has has delivered a pretty well structured storyline and flows smoothly with its bag of explosions, firefights and such.

Whilst most would be expecting some super spy, one man against the world action flick, Green Zone in stark contrast, focuses on Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) in his unit assigned to seek out and recover the WMDs in Iraq which were the crux of which the war was ignited over.

However with time after time of intelligence on locations of the WMDs proven to be a wild goose chase, Miller begins to suspect that the inaccuracies and anonymity of the intelligence given to be suspicious and unravels a dark truth over which the war begun over.

The chase camera sequences and close quarters combat filmography was pretty gritty and realistic, and was pretty much the tense edgy moment we all paid our good money for and though this film paved a stable and well told path to the climax, the ending of the story, being an action film, left much to be desired(ending wise).

No you don't get your cheesy happy endings, nor is the ending a tragically sad tear jerker...the end of the film however delivers a morally ambigious and powerful political undertone. with damon/Miller's translator ending the climatic scene with the phrase
"who are you to decide what is best for our people?"

whilst it is food for thought, and a really good scene, i was strongly under the impression the climax was going to end with a big bang...not quite a downer, and not quite a score, though i'd hand it to the directors though.

Film Title: Green Zone

In all, Green Zone is a film not to miss if you enjoy war films, bourne, or simply films which are good food for thought, though i'm a little bummed over the fact that i was a little misled with the theme of the film, thinking it to be that of suspense action and explosion, and turning out to be a food-for-thought/this-is-the-truth political message. (not that it lacks any of the later though.)

I would've given Green Zone a clean cut 4 stars, but for its rather abrupt gear shift in its climax to a political message, i'd nick 1/2 a star and give it a 3 1/2.
and it beats the bullcr*p that is Alice in Wonderland by far. If there's a film to watch in cinemas now? its Green Zone.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: War Machine Official Teaser Picture

There we have it, War Machine in all its glory.

I wonder if a jim rhodes headsculpt would be included with a removable faceplate,
if not it'd be pretty highly likely that we'd be seeing another version of War Machine,
knowing Hot Toy's milk em' licences dry policies, we'd certainly be able to see a Battle Damage variant sometime down the road.

Geek cool nevertheless...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iron Man 2: Trailer 2 ( Mark V revealed!)

I guess the speculation is now over and the time for gaping like a fanatic schoolgirl has come. Mark V has been unveiled in the Trailer #2 of Iron Man 2 to be the unfoldable armor that's packed neatly away in a suitcase format.

Be sure to check out the trailer below to get yourself hyped over what's comin' up this May. Kudos to Mirrorboy for the heads up

My inner geek is just doing backflips and cartwheels after seeing this.