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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Evans will star as CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Yes, Chris Evans has been confirmed to star as Captain America. Many thanks to the REBEL for this piece of news! While i may not be an avid follow of Captain America, with what little knowledge i have from my childhood days of browsing through its comics, i agree with the Rebel that i do find Chris Evans rather unsuiting for this particular role.

Still can't quite get into my head Chris Evans as the All American Hero...
You may read the article here. Kudos to The REBEL again for this piece of news.


Chun Sang said...

i'm not exactly thrilled by such a cast choice.

with all the names marvel throw around, channing tatum would actually be a more believable option considering he ain't half bad in gi joe.

KazeTora said...

yep, I agree with Chun Sang, besides seeing Chris Evans as Johnny Storm and Cap will be just awkward. It's like seeing RDJ as Tony Stark and The Punisher.

This will go bad for the continuity of Marvel movies.
(example: Stark in Hulk, Fury in Iron Man)

Dash MacBastard said...

Awful news.
No way this guy is Steve Rogers.