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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Evans will star as CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Yes, Chris Evans has been confirmed to star as Captain America. Many thanks to the REBEL for this piece of news! While i may not be an avid follow of Captain America, with what little knowledge i have from my childhood days of browsing through its comics, i agree with the Rebel that i do find Chris Evans rather unsuiting for this particular role.

Still can't quite get into my head Chris Evans as the All American Hero...
You may read the article here. Kudos to The REBEL again for this piece of news.

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: Whiplash Teaser

Hot Toys has released a teaser of their upcoming product. Need i say more?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: War Machine (Pictures Released)


And here we have it, in its full glory, War Machine, by Hot Toys.
Looking very impressive, and carrying a ton of heavy weaponry too.




Whilst i'd say everything looks perfect, despite the film not being out yet,
I'd go as far as to say i find James Rhodes/Don cheadle likeness is totally off.
While the features are discernable, it still strikes me as a way miss in the features department.

And pardon me for being a wet blanket as to say that his head looks squashed to the top of the helmet too.



Everything else looks mighty fine!







Seems pretty apparent, Hot Toys invested a significant amount of time in R&D to come up with the nifty little details like movable fingers and abdomen pieces. Though i hope they dont' come around with a BD/DX version, though i guess we'd all see that coming around if its popularity is overwhelming.

Predators (Sneak Peek Trailer)

Skipping the sequel to the original predator, Robert Rodriguez takes the helm as the director in this film, Predators. I am highly anticipating this movie as it'd be definately mind blowing to watch a film that stays true to its roots, or so Robert claims, as opposed to the severe dilution and over the top gore/blood fest that the predator and alien franchise has now become after Aliens Versus Predator.

Not that AVP isn't awesome. it's been falling steadily through the A grade to a B grade film with each sequel.

So for a reboot of a franchise of which fans have mostly since lost faith in its credibility to deliver, hey, i'm game to watch this film!

The full trailer releases on the 18th march.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie Review: Green Zone


Caught Paul Greengrass' Green Zone on Thursday, and it's pretty much deserved the hype it got and has has delivered a pretty well structured storyline and flows smoothly with its bag of explosions, firefights and such.

Whilst most would be expecting some super spy, one man against the world action flick, Green Zone in stark contrast, focuses on Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) in his unit assigned to seek out and recover the WMDs in Iraq which were the crux of which the war was ignited over.

However with time after time of intelligence on locations of the WMDs proven to be a wild goose chase, Miller begins to suspect that the inaccuracies and anonymity of the intelligence given to be suspicious and unravels a dark truth over which the war begun over.

The chase camera sequences and close quarters combat filmography was pretty gritty and realistic, and was pretty much the tense edgy moment we all paid our good money for and though this film paved a stable and well told path to the climax, the ending of the story, being an action film, left much to be desired(ending wise).

No you don't get your cheesy happy endings, nor is the ending a tragically sad tear jerker...the end of the film however delivers a morally ambigious and powerful political undertone. with damon/Miller's translator ending the climatic scene with the phrase
"who are you to decide what is best for our people?"

whilst it is food for thought, and a really good scene, i was strongly under the impression the climax was going to end with a big bang...not quite a downer, and not quite a score, though i'd hand it to the directors though.

Film Title: Green Zone

In all, Green Zone is a film not to miss if you enjoy war films, bourne, or simply films which are good food for thought, though i'm a little bummed over the fact that i was a little misled with the theme of the film, thinking it to be that of suspense action and explosion, and turning out to be a food-for-thought/this-is-the-truth political message. (not that it lacks any of the later though.)

I would've given Green Zone a clean cut 4 stars, but for its rather abrupt gear shift in its climax to a political message, i'd nick 1/2 a star and give it a 3 1/2.
and it beats the bullcr*p that is Alice in Wonderland by far. If there's a film to watch in cinemas now? its Green Zone.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: War Machine Official Teaser Picture

There we have it, War Machine in all its glory.

I wonder if a jim rhodes headsculpt would be included with a removable faceplate,
if not it'd be pretty highly likely that we'd be seeing another version of War Machine,
knowing Hot Toy's milk em' licences dry policies, we'd certainly be able to see a Battle Damage variant sometime down the road.

Geek cool nevertheless...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iron Man 2: Trailer 2 ( Mark V revealed!)

I guess the speculation is now over and the time for gaping like a fanatic schoolgirl has come. Mark V has been unveiled in the Trailer #2 of Iron Man 2 to be the unfoldable armor that's packed neatly away in a suitcase format.

Be sure to check out the trailer below to get yourself hyped over what's comin' up this May. Kudos to Mirrorboy for the heads up

My inner geek is just doing backflips and cartwheels after seeing this.