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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Transformers Midnight Launch@ Forum Gallery

It's been one helluva night/ early morning launch party, with the hype and anticipation running high amongst fanboy and children alike at the official TRANSFORMERS MIDNIGHT LAUNCH @ FORUM Gallery Toys R Us. I must admit i'm pleasantly suprised to see, not the number of fellow collectors out there but their spouses who actually tagged along! pretty awesome IMHO to have a partner who actually supports your hobby!

that aside, the queue for this midnight launch was all the way from the fifth floor where the Toys R Us was situated till the basement level...sure was one long queue.

Best part of it all was the countdown. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2..1...

I do believe that Ken Moo is somewhere in this picture considering the fact that i've spotted myself in his video. on this link
Freezeframe 1.04min. Along the ''walkway'' I'm the bloke in white in front of the lady in red. and i'm luggin' my guitar and bagpack of guitar pedals.
wish i had met you Ken! would be awesome. Though i don't quite know how you look like =D
Tags were distributed accordingly in batches for crowd control, and when it was my turn to get the TAG, and get up the long awaited escalator! hallujuah baby! and yes, i'm no. 1 of my batch!

The $20 discount coupon that comes you get to use if you're a star card member or UOB member!

Hauled in 2 Leader class Optimus Primes and 1 Ironhide. The extra prime's for a Ken Cheong, who needed the favour because he couldn't turn up for the event.


My parents swung by towards the end so i could hitch a ride (with all the bulky guitar and gear i brought along from my jam session) and also spend some quality family time with them after the event, with things pretty packed out for the week, i've sure got to balance work, study, play and family time together....


Best of all, i met a fellow collector, Stephen aka Stephenus Prime, whom came up to me at the entrance to Toys R Us when i was about to leave after completing my haul of the week. i've spoken to him a number of times online, but never met in person. And it truly is a pleasure to finally meet you in person bro, i do hope we do meet again, then we could perhaps go to LIM KOPI like you said!
and congrats on your huge haul which costed a bomb and do post up your pictures too!!!
in total i spent $231.70 on my haul today, and i'm sure it would last me a long time. ( wallets have a rather slow regeneration time) up till the release of REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!

i would review my haul asap, but now, its time for me to hit the sack. 4.20am and i'm tired from all the fun and action.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Terminator Salvation: Movie Review Coming Soon

Caught Terminator Salvation yesterday, and will post a review of it by 2am tomorrow, because i'd be geekin' out at forum gallery's transformers launch.

must add that i was a tad dissapointed in the film. strong introduction, weak and flimsy end. been having high hopes of it being the geekdom film of the year.

now i guess Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be the fanboy film of the year...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Transformers Midnight Launch@ Toys R Us

If you didn't know yet....

yes folks, transformers midnight launch on 30th May, 12.01am, basically a minute past friday night and a minute into saturday morning. =D
see you all there!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Prediction for Terminator: Salvation

With Terminator Salvation already hitting silver screens in america, it's pretty antagonizing that asia has to wait for it to reach us one week later. Not to mention, most would have already reviewed the film, which is an additional excruciating factor to resist reading.

though i peeked at a few reviews online doing my best to force and peel my eyes away from potentially plot spoilers and just reading the comments only.

to my disappointment, the reviews going about online have been rather poor, and mostly stating that terminator salvation has fallen below the expectations set and being unable to substantiate the substance for it's over the top effects.

i was hoping that it'd get some huge critically acclaimed mention so it'd hype me up further. though it wont' dampen my spirit to watch this film i've waited *god knows how many years* long. T3 was a huge joke of a movie by the way. Hopefully T:S does better. I wont' judge it till i've watched it that's as far as i'd say. but i do hope this film lives up to my expectations! god....its THE movie event of the year for me and i'd hate for it to sink...

in the meantime i'm pretty preoccupied with things i'm doing though i still do my best to check out forums for updates on when Hot Toy's terminator figs will hit us. Heard it's out in HK already.
and as a spoiler: t-800 is featured in the film (above) and hot toys did display a t-800 figure as part of the T:S figure releases line up at a shopping mall in Hong Kong, perhaps that'd be our 5th figure. Marcus wright and helena bonaham carter's character are terminators...and they used to be human...Arnie is back (digitally)...and bale's performance was said to be somewhat dry and one dimensional? (hopefully not when i watch it)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown Album Review

Album Cover

Track Listing
CD art

Originally meant for this post to be up by Friday, 15th May 09' but with unforseen schedule clashes in the teaching schedule @ Marymount Convent Primary, had me scurrying around rearranging timeslots, timetables etc. And now, to the long awaited review of Green Day's highly anticipated Album, also MTV's artist of the month! 21st Century Breakdown.
For starters, this isn't your regular ''Green Day'' album. It ain't no American Idiot, ain't no Dookie, Kerplunk or anything you've heard before. This is one album where Green Day stretches its repertoire of fast beating good ol' school rock & roll for more melodious tunes and dramatically poetic lyrics.
Yes, expect to be pleasantly surpised or dissapointed fans, as Green Day take a twist with Stadium rockish vocals and mass hand waving sing-a-long styled songs, for example, Last Night On Earth. And for the first time, you will be able to distinctively hear piano intros in these Green Day songs. While not all a bad thing, it is somewhat new approach and most would still be grasping the concept with the change in tune or rather genre as Green Day moves past their American Idiot success.
The album is divided into 3 acts, Heroes and Cons, Charlatans and Saints, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, and follows two antagonists, Gloria and Christian, through the struggles of coping with the ongoing chaos of the world around them which they're living in.
While in my honest opinion, 21st Century Breakdown is a breakaway of Green Day from sounds which they're very distinctively know for, it is a refreshing turn as the lyrics wrench out the most poetic styles as yet seen by Green Day. With a distinctive line that goes
'' Oh dream, America dream.
Can't leave and see from rainstorms 'til dawn.
Oh bleed, America bleed.
Believe what you read from heroes and cons"
Whilst relatively mild in terms of politically fused rock as opposed to American Idiot, it still does contain lines and references to songs they've done before, songs like American Idiot are mildly referenced with respect to the previous president, and working class hero is referred in the song "21st Century Breakdown"...
the more definitve and distinct Green Day sounds are still around, in songs like ¡Viva La Gloria! and East Jesus Nowhere, and Horseshoes and Handgrenades. Fast, raw and punchy. most definitely songs most would be able to relate to.
Diehard Green Day fans would be able to distinct nips and bits of their previous ''experimental sounds'' put into play from their previous band projects like THE NETWORK and THE FOXBORO HOT TUBS. New wave sounds and 60's style recordings before songs seen in those experiment albums can be found in songs such as East Jesus Nowhere (radio background noises etc 60's style intro) seen in Foxoboro hot tubs songs, and in Christian's Inferno by the distorted screaming styles from The Network.
All in all, this album experimental as it may sound, would be a staple for musicians and listeners around and has the lyrical depth for all to sink their teeth into. While it may not be on par as that of American Idiot, it still never fails to deliver the punchline at every end of curtain call. Green Day while they didn't deliver the album we hoped or expected, sure did pitch us one helluvan album to keep us pacified for a long time to come.
in the meantime i'm headthumpin' to horseshoes and handgrenades and lighter waving' over Last night on Earth. 5 years for this album, and i'm sure as hell gonna devour it. Now i wonder how long they'd take for the next album. Another 5?
p.s. this album's 18 songs long....

Haul of the Day: Hot Toys Men's Suits

Been so busy of late and could only collect this on tuesday night. Will bash Tony when the narrowed shoulders come around!

Haul of the Day: Green Day's Official Merchandise

My latest haul @ HMV citylink mall.

Hauled it in at $39.95 as it just hit shelves today. Green Day's Official Merhandised Shirt. Featuring the artwork off Know Your Enemy, the first single off Green Day's latest album 21st Century Breakdown.

Will update with pictures of the shirt when it gets out from washing...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Terminator Salvation Hot Toys MMS 100 - Marcus Wright Announced.

Hot Toys has revealed the above images of the forthcoming Terminator: Salvation - Marcus figure. The 100th entry in the Movie Masterpiece Series, this figure is sure to be a fan-favorite of Terminator fans and 1/6 scale collectors alike.
via Hot Toys Newsletter.

Enterbay: 24 Jack Bauer ( My Favourite Toy Contest)

I am submitting this review for competition via SHAUN's blog. To compete to win a SIDESHOW stormtrooper...so head down there and vote for me! voting opens on 11th may and closes on the 17th.


Having just bought this figure today, and with so much time constraints in my schedule these days, replacing my Bank Robber Joker which i planned to feature as my favourite toy and have already taken pictures of, obviously meant one simple thing. That this figure truly indeed is the epitome of most 1/6th scaled figures.

And yes, for once i can truly say that i have one figure that i can say outranks, outshines and outmatches all other figures in my shelve, and possibly the market at the moment.

I have always been a supporter from the Hot Toys camp, having seen its unmistakable quality in both its sculpts, costuming and even accessories. From the details scars on the joker to the nitpicks of its military figure costumes, to the downright nitty weapons, whose ammo clips can be removed, cocked back etc.

and for me to suddenly be swayed and awed by Enterbay is indeed a feat no one else can pull off than Jack Bauer of 24 MADE BY ENTERBAY.

I remember vaguely watching season 1 of 24 once, before gradually getting hooked. I was looking for some television show to just burn time off. It was Jack Bauer's intensity, raw aggression and the determination to do what he feels is right irregardless of the law and rules, where the ends actually justifies the means sometimes, which drew me into the film. Anti-hero/ Hero/ patriot/ torturer/ father/ husband/ lover/ murderer. the various complex faucets of Jack bauer, portrayed superbly by Kiefer Sutherland.

Look at the details. From the glass eyes which are seperate pieces inserted into the head, to the wrinkles and frown on his face. the rough stubble sculpted and painted to the full head of hair. All these details are yet to be seen on products by Hot Toys. however much i favoured HT back then..i now realise that Enterbay indeed has come into play to rival HT.

you can mistake this sculpt as a photo of the REAL kiefer sutherland

Furthermore the paint apps are superior and you can even see the careful paint application to various parts of the face to bring out the depth, contours and lighting hues of the face to give it realism and life. Truly Enterbay has blown me away in every aspect of the sculpt. Flushing of the face and stubble are so real you will find that every cent you paid for you got more than its worth back.

Enterbay also did a very good take on Kiefer's hair...with the carving lines, wave and fullness and texture. something Hot toys has yet to reach.
his sandy blonde hair at every angle looks so damn good.
and yes, that unmistakable chin and wonky ears!!!
if you didn't yet know..they actually made cavity for the nose and ears. that's how realistic it is!
intense, brooding, Jack bauer wins all other figures i've seen in terms of headsculpt hands down.

not to forget, the costume is cut to fit and brings out 24's season 4 to life in 1/6th scale like no other.
with his standard USP Tatical and trademark sling bag. holster.. boy, pop culture has come alive!

the realism stands out and rings true through different light conditions.

Whilst accessories wise this figure may not reach the par that of HT, it can easily be replaced with 1/6th weapons easily available. Most importantly the headsculpt that Enterbay has done, is a bar set which many other 1/6th toy makers have yet to hit, and indeed enterbay is now rivalling HT. which is a good thing for collectors out there. giving us choice and better quality.
Jack bauer of 24. Enterbay FTW!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Terminator Salvation: New Teaser " Who Are You"

Many thanks to BillyGoat , a fellow toy collector and pop culture enthusiast like myself who owns far more 12' inch figures than i do!! Been great knowing you bro! and thanks for the heads up for this incredible new terminator teaser trailer ''Who Are You''.

pretty awesome how you see it links back to the original trilogy. father and son. boy i can't wait for this movie.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation: Marcus Wright

teaser!!! guess we're all in for one helluavan expensive year .

Manhunt Over: Mas Selamat Captured

Indeed the game's up for Mas Selamat Kastari, Singapore’s Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) leader who escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre on February the 27th 2008, as it has been spread over the news that he has been captured in Malaysia about a month back... ( funny how news take a long time to flush through the pipe when it involves national security )

Mas Selamat has kicked off the largest manhunt in Singapore for his escape from the dention center. With the combined efforts of both Singapore's Police force and Armed forces, almost every inch of singapore was swept to hunt for him. Posters put up, rewards by businessmen, and even SMSes by the police with a very clear picture of Mas Selamat on a wanted poster...( i clearly remember the morning i woke up to a vibrating handphone and looked down at a wanted poster of Mas selamat) first picture sms ever sent to my *back then* 2g phone...was gaping in awe at the clarity of the picture... indeed our National security department spares no cost to apprehend Mas Selamat.

Since his escape, Mas Selamat has gone down into history as the only one to have triggered sucha huge manhunt, and his notoriety has subject him to much online spoofs, parodies, jokes. A simple one to note would be how every biking adventure had to have a Mas Selamat joke.

with every imaginable hiding spot from forrest to alley to clump of bushes would include a '' EH mas selamat hiding there boh? '' joke. Boy oh boy...

Well its good news to all that he's captured, and hopefully it stays that way. I highly doubt our nations' reputation can take another dent if Mas Selamat escapes again, considering we're ranked one of the safest countries in the world....

seriousness aside, if Mas Selamat escapes again. i guess it's time we called in one man to save the day. ( if he were real...)

boy oh boy, we all know how good ol' uncle Jackie deals with terrorist...=D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Iron Man II teaser perhaps?

i'm still wondering if this is from Iron Man I or II....any clues?

picture credits go to toysRevil.net

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sideshow 12' Inch Han & Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise SDCC exclusive

Pardon the poor resolution of the pictures, because i've got em' screenshot from the podcast via SIDESHOW TOYS.

This indeed is the ultimate 12' inch figure for all star wars collectors out there...
Luke and Han in stormtrooper disguise from star wars episode IV. It is a SDCC exclusive hence i expect the prices to be pretty steep and the quality a tad better than usual stormtroopers on shelves now.

watching the podcast, the details on the figure which i didn't post in pictures are
- cloth neck seal ( not on standard stormtroopers )
- fabric inner suit
- detailed stormtrooper helmet interior, revealing fine details, padding, eye pieces and mouthpieces like a real stormtrooper helmet. however is not made to fit both han and luke's heads but to hold in their hands.
- Luke comes with grappling hook wound and unwound to pose in action
- detailed E-11 blasters ( similiar to standard stormtroopers )
- detailed headsculpts of mark hamil and harrison ford as both luke and han in EPISODE IV

this is indeed the ultimate figure for star wars collectors. and while i have been passing on lately on most sideshow's star wars line, because of my nitpicky attitude due to the small crotch guard, oversized chest plate, etc and have been leaning favourably towards medi's take on star wars because of its much more proportionate size, i must say that right now, SIDESHOW has indeed got my fullest attention with this SDCC exclusive pair.
and according to Armand, they're going to be available on 15th May via Simply Toys (emailed simply toys and they've yet to reply) . Hell, i'm sold and up for this bunch of figures. Anyone jumping on the bandwagon too???

Hot Toys TrueType Body (Caucasian Slim Version)

Hot Toys - TTM09 - 1/6th scale TrueType Body (Caucasian - Slim Version)
This 1/6 scale new generation TrueType Male body set is:
- Suitable for 1/6 Fabric costume and accessories
- Over 38 points of articulation Set comes with:
- 2 sets of bendable hands
- Real-like head
- Figure display stand
Release date: JULY, 2009
somehow the headsculpt looks vaguely familiar with one of the british military line releases by HT. Anyone stocking up on these? i'd most likely get one only. Civies bash for bruce banner perhaps?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Watchmen Spoof - Rorschach

Justice is blind, so is Rorschach.... enjoy this Watchmen spoof by one of my favourite youtube comedians, ''monkeyandapple''

X-men Origins: Wolverine Movie Review

It seems after such a long time after watching this movie that i'm getting off my ass to write this review for it. To be pretty honest, i watched it the first day it hit cinemas, on the 29th April and to be exact to the nitty ditty details, the first show of the day at 10.30am. And in short a simple reason why i took so long to review this film was because it wasn't really up to my standards and worth my time to review it.

Yes, i said it, you may begin cursing this site, begin a witch-hunt to find me, disembowl my entrails... etc...etc....but hey, my decision still stands.

now, onto the detailed review.


Despite its ensemble cast and change in director, i must confess that this movie still sports, and carries much of its unfavourable flaws similiar to its predeccessor. The X-men trilogy. In reference to its trilogy counterpart, i would say that the revamp in costumes were fantastic, and the revamp to it to suit the relevance of today is acceptable to fans around the world. An example would be how Iron Man is made into movies and changed slightly to fit into the modern world today *scenario* ...eg viet war where he got the shrapnel accident to middle east conflict etc etc...you know what i mean.

The concept of adaptation of comic books to reflects today's ever changing society is perfectly fine with us fans, though KILLING PROFESSOR X, murdering CYCLOPS is somewhat totally something we fans could never possibily expect or see coming our way when we bought those movie tickets.

and with X-men wolverine Origins, do expect the same *WTF %!&*#$* expressions and jaw dropping exasperation to come from you at the end of the day.

butchering deadpool and turning him to a mouthless, armbladed, laser eye blasting, teleporting mutant sure as hell doesn't cut it with us. and yes, that is the major spoiler for most of you out there. If you are not yet familiar with Deadpool, he is possibly one of the most likeable X-men characters, to me. Being the Mercenary with a mouth, smart assed, self-aware. He is in fact one helluava of a comic character. And with how the scriptwriters and Fox totally reshaping and changing him to weapon XI and embodying powers of all the other mutants that have been captured and or had their dna extracted, eg: cyclops, wolverine, wraith etc..

Fight scene right before good ol' Deadpool gets decapitated.


Weapon XI is also called by Col. William Stryker as "Deadpool", due to having powers "pooled" from many other mutants killed and/or kidnapped in the film, including Wolverine's healing factor, Cyclops' optic blasts, Deadpool's martial arts ability and Wraith's teleportation ability. He also has retractable blades from his arm capable of killing Wolverine. He's the final antagonist of the film, having been genetically altered to be the ultimate mutant killer. It is mentioned that Weapon XI is the possible product of experiments on Wade Wilson aka Deadpool


I believe i've ranted enough about FOX and origin's scriptwriter's most crucial flaw which they continue to repeat in their movies, killing beloved characters with no rhyme or reason, and changing them so much we just gape in sheer terror. (and dissapointment after we recover from the tragic butchery)

Now in terms of plot, this story hinges on the brink of oblivion.

Yes they do explain how wolverine got his claws, and nails the century long debate of whether Wolverine originally had bone claws before adamantium implants or not. The introduction of the film with James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine ripping up his claws and supposedly killing his father answers it all.

And apart from the abrupt introduction, the cutscenes where they flash through logan's life in a timeline of wars he's faced since WWI -WWII and then the vietnam war, were very well done. However i must say that this and the scene where team X storms the building in search for adamantium are the only interesting and memorable parts of the film.

That aside, the graphics for most part of the film are pretty obvious and somewhat to the point of over the top ( agent zero's gun slinging moments @ the fortress) and makes it rather phony.

i must say the moment which shone best for me was WADE wilson/ deadpool as he wisecracks off his ass at stryker before taking on an entire room filled with soldiers with just his weapon of choice, the two katanas that make him iconic through all comic books. - " okay, i'm done....people are dead...'' - deadpool

indeed ryan reynold's smart assed wisecracking nature was the best choice as deadpool, however it still saddens many that despite all that, poor direction and vision from a director and scriptwriter killed his character and what that could've been a potentially good movie.

don't blame Ryan if you don't like deadpool, he's the perfect deadpool/wade wilson. his character sucks because it's all FOX's fault.

To commend, one cannot deny that Liev Scriebber shone through this disaster franchise with a complex relationship shared between him and Wolverine. And Liev indeed shone with his chops as an actor and is the ideal victor creed even if he ain't that hairy.

Talk about poor casting....Gambit sure flopped flat with a poor casting choice and wound up more like a pansy more than a roguish and formidable adversary whom you never want to cross. It only was the graphics of the card throwing that help boost his screen presence. otherwise, i can't be bothered about him.

That all aside, whilst we were expecting a story of loss and hatred, and the thirst for revenge ( over silverfox's death ) which drove wolverine to get those fancy claws, (as seen / pushed by the trailers)...this sure as hell isn't the case towards the end, as they reveal everything as a major plot twist which doesn't quite shake or part the ground beneath you , but rather gives you a bitter aftertaste in the mouth making you feel way cheated.

Silverfox not dying, wolverine not particularly shaken up after what should've been a very traumatizing sugical procedure. Talk about action action action and no storyline. This film has so much potential to delve into the animalistic nature of wolverine, the hurt the anger the rage the revenge the betrayal and the trauma thereafter....with so much emotions to work with and platforms to begin from...its a wonder how FOX managed to screw up so badly by missing all these.

All in all, X-MEN origins : Wolverine is a Roar without substance, with certain scenes visually entertaining and some totally over the top unbelievably phony. The storyline lacks in so many places, with moments which could be used to delve into a complex storyline, substituded and ditched for plain mindless over-the-top action...boy FOX, you sure did screw up big this time.

and with the ''origins'' which they push as a name with so much bravado ....seems like an irony to the film which murdered the comics of x-men. ( deadpool is a good example ) by totally changing the origins of characters and throwing it all away for action.

well need i say more? I'm running low on vocabulary to describe this desecration of a fan favourite franchise. out of the stormtrooper effect's rating system.

i rank this film 2 out of 5 stars.

- Largely dissapointing for its continued failure to maintain a storyline. (like its predeccesors
- for butchering deadpool
- too over the top to the point it seems phony graphics
- producers, directors and scriptwriters had so much emotions and directions and faucets of wolverine that they could've potentially explored, which they strangely didn't and shortchanged viewers.

watch it because there's no other action blockbuster yet, or as an appetizer before terminator salvation, or just because you've got too much time or money in your hands.

The 2009 Preorder List

With the current economy and tight budget that i'm on, i'm hardpressed to make the most of my dollar, and with that here goes the list of preorders that i currently have though i believe i might have to cut off some to fit nicely with my budget.

1. Predator ( first movie )- Hot Toys
2. John Connor ( Terminator Salvation ) - hot toys
3. T-600 endoskeleton (terminator salvation ) -Hot toys
4. T-700 Endoskeleton (terminator salvation ) - hot toys
5. MMS DX Joker -Hot Toys

Figures that i'm still considering to get

6. Chris Redfield BSAA ( resident evil 5) -Hot Toys
7. Sheva Alomar BSAA ( resident evil 5) -Hot Toys

8. Dutch (predator 1 ) -Hot toys
9. Jack Bauer (24) - Enterbay

Licences i'm still awaiting

Wolverine X-MEN by hot toys

boy oh boy...with so little money and so much choice, man 2009 sure is a year for collectors...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

G.I. Joe New Trailer

Holy smokes Sienna Miller! and those accelerator suits are awesome! dodging missles?!?!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer 3

this trailer just lures me in totally, and its one of the reasons why i'd say we're in for one helluava year this 2009.