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Friday, May 8, 2009

Manhunt Over: Mas Selamat Captured

Indeed the game's up for Mas Selamat Kastari, Singapore’s Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) leader who escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre on February the 27th 2008, as it has been spread over the news that he has been captured in Malaysia about a month back... ( funny how news take a long time to flush through the pipe when it involves national security )

Mas Selamat has kicked off the largest manhunt in Singapore for his escape from the dention center. With the combined efforts of both Singapore's Police force and Armed forces, almost every inch of singapore was swept to hunt for him. Posters put up, rewards by businessmen, and even SMSes by the police with a very clear picture of Mas Selamat on a wanted poster...( i clearly remember the morning i woke up to a vibrating handphone and looked down at a wanted poster of Mas selamat) first picture sms ever sent to my *back then* 2g phone...was gaping in awe at the clarity of the picture... indeed our National security department spares no cost to apprehend Mas Selamat.

Since his escape, Mas Selamat has gone down into history as the only one to have triggered sucha huge manhunt, and his notoriety has subject him to much online spoofs, parodies, jokes. A simple one to note would be how every biking adventure had to have a Mas Selamat joke.

with every imaginable hiding spot from forrest to alley to clump of bushes would include a '' EH mas selamat hiding there boh? '' joke. Boy oh boy...

Well its good news to all that he's captured, and hopefully it stays that way. I highly doubt our nations' reputation can take another dent if Mas Selamat escapes again, considering we're ranked one of the safest countries in the world....

seriousness aside, if Mas Selamat escapes again. i guess it's time we called in one man to save the day. ( if he were real...)

boy oh boy, we all know how good ol' uncle Jackie deals with terrorist...=D

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