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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Transformers Midnight Launch@ Forum Gallery

It's been one helluva night/ early morning launch party, with the hype and anticipation running high amongst fanboy and children alike at the official TRANSFORMERS MIDNIGHT LAUNCH @ FORUM Gallery Toys R Us. I must admit i'm pleasantly suprised to see, not the number of fellow collectors out there but their spouses who actually tagged along! pretty awesome IMHO to have a partner who actually supports your hobby!

that aside, the queue for this midnight launch was all the way from the fifth floor where the Toys R Us was situated till the basement level...sure was one long queue.

Best part of it all was the countdown. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2..1...

I do believe that Ken Moo is somewhere in this picture considering the fact that i've spotted myself in his video. on this link
Freezeframe 1.04min. Along the ''walkway'' I'm the bloke in white in front of the lady in red. and i'm luggin' my guitar and bagpack of guitar pedals.
wish i had met you Ken! would be awesome. Though i don't quite know how you look like =D
Tags were distributed accordingly in batches for crowd control, and when it was my turn to get the TAG, and get up the long awaited escalator! hallujuah baby! and yes, i'm no. 1 of my batch!

The $20 discount coupon that comes you get to use if you're a star card member or UOB member!

Hauled in 2 Leader class Optimus Primes and 1 Ironhide. The extra prime's for a Ken Cheong, who needed the favour because he couldn't turn up for the event.


My parents swung by towards the end so i could hitch a ride (with all the bulky guitar and gear i brought along from my jam session) and also spend some quality family time with them after the event, with things pretty packed out for the week, i've sure got to balance work, study, play and family time together....


Best of all, i met a fellow collector, Stephen aka Stephenus Prime, whom came up to me at the entrance to Toys R Us when i was about to leave after completing my haul of the week. i've spoken to him a number of times online, but never met in person. And it truly is a pleasure to finally meet you in person bro, i do hope we do meet again, then we could perhaps go to LIM KOPI like you said!
and congrats on your huge haul which costed a bomb and do post up your pictures too!!!
in total i spent $231.70 on my haul today, and i'm sure it would last me a long time. ( wallets have a rather slow regeneration time) up till the release of REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!

i would review my haul asap, but now, its time for me to hit the sack. 4.20am and i'm tired from all the fun and action.


LEon said...

Thanks for sharing. Im glad you got what you wanted bro. :) Wait to read your toy review.

Jcee said...

Nice haul! Can't wait to see more of OP!

I don't think we had such event here in Canada. But then again, our Walmarts made a mistake and released the ROTF toys last week, way before the supposed date May 30. They did correct themselves by pulling all the stuff after a few days, but many TF fans already got what they wanted.

The funny thing is that the ROTF products are on sale at Toys R Us and Walmarts already starting today for a week!

kenmoo said...

lolx~!!i think i spotted myself in your blog as well. I am the Giant RED blur in the center of your photo...haha..i didnt get any TF thou..just passby there to see the response and manzz was i surprised at the turnout!! TF2 is going to rock town again!!!