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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot Toys to do Astro Boy

10, originally uploaded by reavengeance.

Well i know this piece of news sure gonna make my good ol mate, Chun Sang jump up and down and go gaga over....so here goes bro...Yes, hot toys will be making ASTROBOY.

this photo is taken from their ANICON @ japan off hot toys official blog. so no worries about whether or not they're gonna make it. just a matter of time before we hear the announcement..

meanwhile blogger is throwing tantrums at me, refusing to reveal its week long hidden toolbox etc...rendering me unable to post much of anything ...so i'm doing all this via FLICKR. and even flickr is going wonky, claiming i've reached my monthly picture upload limit. BAHHHH...guess its the off season for toy blogging for me of late..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sideshow Deluxe Clone: Clone Commander Cody Announced

ss_1, originally uploaded by Stormtrooper Effect.

via Mediworld forums, thanks to KazukiJUN,

Sideshow has announced at SDCC that they will be making a Clone commander Cody as a deluxe clone figure, which will include an Ep III & II helmet respectively.

now that's something all star wars collectors and diehards can't run from.

been holding back on spluring on previous announcements such as the stormtrooper, stormtrooper commander, utapau clone etc...but now this is on figure i'm definitely getting...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot Toys: Marvel Licence

from the small font, taken directly from EDDIE WONG of www.eddiewong.net

Yes, that is right folks. Hot Toys has the license to the Marvel Universe. And the pic above is the announcement teaser from HT’s official catalog.

For those that cannot read Japanese, here’s what it say:

Left side: Movie Masterpiece. Starting soon.
Right: Blade trilogy, X-Men trilogy, Spider-Man trilogy, & more…

Movie Masterpiece, not comic versions. This means, those that have longed for a good Spidey 1/6th figure, you’re about to get one. And it’s the trilogy they’re doing which means you will get Spidey, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, and Sandman to say the least!

This also means you ‘ll probably be able to get every X-Men character in the movies to date since HT is also doing the trilogy series for X-Men. Then Blade! Man, bankruptcy will surely be on the rise this year…

Spiderman and X-men, talk about a massive churning of figures. Though i understand the necessity for Hot Toys to hit the markets in storm and full force, reason being the rise in competitors, such as Brothers Production, DID, Enterbay making equal if not better products and licences that Hot Toys hasn't acquired. Hence this sudden upsurge in licences are to cement its crown position as 1/6th scale toy makers...
though its gonna take a toll on us collectors, nevertheless, i'm still excited.
Black costumed spidey and the classic red/blue, and most of all, HANNIBAL KING played by ryan reynolds! boy i'd love to get my hands on his headsculpt! possible Deadpool kitbash! Though blade himself doesn't quite interest me.

Hot Toys Licence Acquisitions

as yet from forums and some of the displays they've showcased at Japan's Toy Fair, we now know that Hot Toys has now undertaken serious business by tanking and churning out more toys, from various licences, rapidly. Perhaps a little to fast for us to regenerate/recover/reccuperate from our expenditures.

namely, the licences taken up by HOT TOYS are as follows,

1. The Matrix
and as yet they've only showcased a scaled replica of the Sentinel. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a 1/6th Neo.
Credits for the picture goes to EDDIE WONG of www.eddiewong.net

2. Disney Pixar's UP!

3. Giger's Visionary ALIEN

4. Mars Attack ( a licence which took me off guard and by suprise)

i wasn't aware that Mars Attack had a strong cult following, and quite frankly found the film rather disturbing as a child. with martians randomly zapping humans to dust with no rhyme or reason, running around screeching and wailing and decapitating prisoners. Hardly a choice of film to watch for a child don't you think?
Either way its left an indeliable mark in my head... and here goes Hot Toys doing the licence of the Tim Burton adaptation.

Credits for the picture goes to Eddie Wong of www.eddiewong.net
and on updates, wolverine's headsculpt has been improve tremendously though i do believe they can tweak it up a tad more to make it more ''Hugh Jackmanish''
Credits for the picture goes to Eddie Wong of www.eddiewong.net

Other relevant information would be that Hot Toys has acquired the licence for Spiderman and Blade from Marvel.
Now i can't wait to see what they'd churn out for these lines. But i must say that Hot Toys indeed are tanking down the toy collector's path, putting out into the market more figures with fury. Hardly letting collectors the time to breathe...
whilst its a good thing, its pretty much a downside for us poor and broke folks and the completist fanboys... that wallet's gonna feel the pain!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

MMS DX 02 Comic strip by David Wilis


found this over at the forums in mediworld. Seriously hilarious i must say...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hot Toys M ICON: Michael Jackson (Thriller Version) New Pictures


good to finally see this dream come to fruition! long live Michael!
though i wished they done BEAT IT, because i loved that particular song most and the jacket he wore in that video ( and that piano keyboard shirt ), i'm still glad they did thriller because the headsculpt of Michael Jackson, namely how he looked before his plastic sugery ( was the same look as 'BEAT IT' video )...
best of all we get two headsculpts. what more can i ask for? Kudos to hot toys!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Toys MMS DX 02 - Batman ( Hi- Res Pictures )

Hot Toys MMS DX 02 - The Dark Knight's Batman's Official Pictures are OUT! and i must say they're looking impressive...


I will confess that i'm highly excited about this MMS DX figure, however the suit doesn't seem to be improved in anyway from the first TDK batman release, apart from the new headsculpt, additional facial expression , and weapons/tools. So i'm asking myself the question, why didn't they do this earlier?


a DEFINITIVE must for this figure that i'd expect would be for BATMAN to be slim.




Loving the intense stare from batman, now with the new PERS system.


Nip and Tuck worked well for Bats so far it seems.... LETS KEEP THE FINAL PRODUCT THAT WAY TOO HOT TOYS!



KUDOS to yuili for the fantastic bale chin. nothing defines batman more than the chin BENEATH THE COWL!!!






Finally we get the SONAR VISION we've awaited for so long.






Hot Toys - MMS DX 02 - The Dark Knight - 1/6th scale BATMAN collectible figure

This life-like Batman collectible, is true to 1/6th scale, stands approximately 32 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys figure body with over 32 points of articulation and the movie accurate -The Dark Knight- complex Batman suit.

This deluxe version comes with two functional Batman heads:
-One features Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Translucent Iris
-Alternate head features the sonar vision device – light-up eyes (cell button battery operated- battery included)
-Three(3) interchangeable unique faces captured the Batman classic facial expressions, which fit for both two functional heads

The collectible also features:
-Newly sculpted and developed Batman complex suit
-Weapons and accessories -Transformable Sticky Bomb Gun, Back Pack, Grapnel Gun, Mini Mines, removable Holster, and two (2) interchangeable and Magnet featured Batman Utility Belts etc
-Three sets of interchangeable posing hands
-Deluxe figure stand with LED lights

Release date: Q1, 2010
Artist: - Head Sculpt by Yulli - Head Art Directed by JC. HONG - Head Paint by JC. HONG

TM & © DC COMICS. WB SHIELD: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hot Toys MMS DX 02 - Batman ( The Dark Knight )


well, need i say more?

Tony Stark Kitbash

So now with the arrival of the Narrow Shouldered True Types, i can now get down with my long awaited Tony Stark's Kitbash!!!

scored me 2 of these Narrow Truetypes as they'd come in handy in the future for say DX Joker? Would be hauling another 2 more this coming weekend, judging by how well they fit on 1/6th clothes.


First and foremost, you'd need a narrow shouldered truetype as they fit best with suits and don't make the figure look too bulky round the arms.

I'm liking the new headsculpt already. Similiar to the released military figure, the secret service with G36c.



Narrow Shoulders True Type comes with the standard figure, a pair of hands and a neck post.


You'd need the Hot Toy's Men's Suits specifically for Tony Stark Kitbashes.




looking' good!





Stark, billionaire playboy and industrialist

Now tell me who this resembles? Keanu's chin seems pretty obvious. the rest? is anyone's guess.

Instructions for the glasses!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation: Marcus Wright New & Improved Headsculpt Detailed Photos

And here it is, pictures of the announced and finalized headsculpt for Marcus Wright. I must add that it looks dead on to Sam Worthington this time around.

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

Hot Toys MMS: Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright

loving the battle damage headsculpt in the package too. Love the tinge of purple they added to it giving it a realistic taint of blood to a certain extent.

on another note, its good to finally solve the uploading problem. in FLICKR i trust. =D