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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hot Toys MMS DX 02 - Batman ( The Dark Knight )


well, need i say more?


The Rebel said...

Have you ever heard that song from Nirvana called.."MILK IT"?

This is what HT is doing to collectors currently....:p

Van Opstal Toys (Michel) said...

Hi Joshua!!
Did you saw the latest pics
of Batman MMS DX 02???
Man...is perfect!!
Oh God!!my money has no peace!!lol
I will broken this way!!

Pics in the Toy Heaven blog!!:P


Joshua said...

yep bro, i saw it....posted on it some time earlier...will you be getting the figure?

Michel van Opstal said...

I'm serious thinking to get this one!!
I'm trying to skip of these MMS figures,but I can't resist:((
I already pre-ordered the Joker MMS
and yesterday,I almost pre-order
the Batman too!!I'm still thinking.
It will be available only next year.
There's time...:P