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Monday, December 29, 2008

Halo 3: ODST ( New upcoming 2009 video game )

A headsup to all HALO fans out there, on the upcoming scheduled for fall of 2009 release, Halo 3 ODST.

The superintendent
"Although the gameplay of Halo 3: ODST bears a strong resemblance to previous Halo games, the player does not assume the role of Master Chief as in the main Halo trilogy, but rather a lone UNSC soldier in the city of New Mombasa, Kenya.
Since the ODST does not possess Master Chief's superhuman abilities and armor, he is more vulnerable to weapons fire, thus forcing the player to act more cautiously. While the game is not focused on stealth gameplay, some elements of stealth will be incorporated. It will also include open world gameplay.

The main objective of ODST is to lead the soldier through the ruins of Mombasa and discover what happened to his missing teammates. After finding a piece of evidence left behind—a sniper rifle hanging on a lampost, for example—a flashback is triggered and the player assumes the role of the missing soldier.." - wikipedia.org
The main character of the game is an unnamed member of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST for short, also known as Helljumpers) referred to as The "Rookie".
ODSTs often deploy in small, one-man Human Entry Vehicles (HEVs), launched from spaceships in the upper atmosphere. During the game, The "Rookie" is separated from his four teammates (Romeo, Dutch, Buck, and Mickey) and must find out what happens to them with the guidance of a city maintenance AI known as the Superintendent
All New Hero

All New Campaign

Equally awesome as ever.
pretty hyped up about this videogames, seems pretty apparent despite the economic downturn there's pretty much a load of good things to keep a lookout for, HOT TOYS' predator, Terminator Salvation, and HALO 3 ODST!!!!
You can view the official site, and watch the brand new teaser trailer, here. Now off to consider the financial option of expanding my collection of halo figures with some ODSTs...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Toys to keep a HEADS-UP for...2009

Just making a small list of items that i'd need to purchase to bring my shelf up to shipshape.

star wars AT-TE vehicle
star wars Republic Gunship laat-i
Hot Toys 12' inch Predator
Hot Toys 12' inch Dutch
Hot Toys Terminator Salvation line : yet to be officially announced? but rumor has it that it may be release by Hot Toys, ( i certainly hope so, don't really fancy SS )

Macfarlane's 5' inch ODST's gotta look for em' at csc....( for upcoming halo3:odst game )
Star wars 3 3/4 inch figures ( oddball, more clones, and perhaps gree if he does pop around)
Kotobukiya Clone wars line
Kotobukya Master Chief
Kotobukiya Clone commander Bly

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hot Toys 12' inch Predator: Major Alan '' Dutch '' Schaefer

I guess the bets are up now, with this headsculpt, upon release will be the BEST, Arnold Schwarzenegger headsculpt out there. Beating the previous line of arny's terminator t - 800 headsculpt. Pretty pleased that they've scored the license to make this really wanted figure for predator fans out there..
still remember when i was a kid and my dad would watch this movie with me, and i'd be awed by Arny's blazing gun and showdown with the predator...up till the removal of the predator's mask etc...
a must score for me...that aside, NOW GIVE US TERMINATOR SALVATION, OR AT LEAST TERMINATOR 2/3 LINE WITH ARNY HOT TOYS!!!! you've got the license! no excuses !

Hot Toys 12' inch Predator

I do not believe an introduction is required for this piece of cinematic history, and legendary beast/creature/monster of all time.
though to note, this whole pouring of AVP2 till now is getting me hooked onto the predator line of figures however much i am trying to avoid it.
so i'm sorry dear wallet, but i'd gotta wring it out for some wrinkled dollars for more figures!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas message to all. 2008

This is a personal and heartfelt message from Joshua of The Stormtrooper Effect, to all who visit this blog, and those who chance upon it.

And so this is christmas,
what have we done?
Another year over,
a new one just begun.
-john lennon

Whilst i'd like to wish everyone, anyone, whoever you may be, wherever you may be, a very merry christmas. I would like to say, that not everyone, despite how much they would like or desire to celebrate a merry christmas, would be blessed enough to have have a merry christmas.

We live in a world where poverty prevails. And whilst our countries, irregardless where we are from, are in constant strife to eliminate or allievate it, is somewhat impossible to do so with the ever growing gap between the rich and the poor, the ever shrinking economy and with the now, somewhat daunting times ahead of us, the financial collapse of major firms, the worldwide spread of recession, indeed many would not be celebrating a merry christmas.

While christmas used to be the festive season and occasion which i had always looked forward to and greatly anticipated as a child. A day of christmas lights, of raindrops tapping on my windowsill, of the cool damp smell of the rain as it breezes through the open windows. where sitting around the looming christmas tree, the only light piercing the shrouding gloom in the darkening evening, providing a symbol of hope, and faith in better times yet to come. It has since been lost. And it is true, as we age, perhaps we become much more pratical, cynical, and perhaps even bitter. Desperately trying to grasp onto hope, which like fine sand, seeps and flows from cracks in our aged hands.


When it is dark enough, will you then see the stars. - Charles A. Beard
And with christmas, just under an hour away, let us put aside our woes, sorrows and our fears. And let us, once again, like we used to so long ago as children. Fill ourselves, despite all reasons to not be joyous, against all our wordly woes that threaten to drown us. Let us, fill ourselves with hope, when there is no reason to hope, for hope was all that has kept the spirit of men unbroken. Let us be of good cheer, forgive and forget all whom have trespassed against us. Open our hearts and reach out to those who need it.

So with all heartfelt emotions that i can muster with these simple words. Once again, Merry christmas. Hope. Believe. Have faith. And for all that shall and will come our way, so shall we find a way around, over or under it.

Goodnight, and god bless you.

Joshua Lim

McFarlane 12' inch Master Chief Halo 3

My own Christmas Haul. From CSC, toys invasion...

Honestly felt that this figure by far, for an action figure, is one helluava score. Excellent pain application with the textures applied to the surface making the Spartan mark VI armor look realistic. The plasma battle scorches, marres and dents.

HOWEVER, it was marred by some of Mcfarlane's recurring problems, whilst the previous problem of cheap plastic was fixed to a certain extent this round, the prevalent problem of extremely stiff joints still stay. Which made posing and knowing which joints are articulated rather hard...because ( not sure if its a good or bad thing ) the joints are pretty hard to discern thanks to Mcfarlane's better sculpting and molding, unlike most other toys which employ a standard point for ball joints etc.. Mcfarlane's joints are somewhat deviant. With some joints totally strange...
But as long as they do their part on articulation i'd try not to burn it down...A thing to note is the material used for this figure is much more solid and sturdier, adding to the weight. The shoulder armor is removable for future releases of variants of helmets and shoulder armor.
A major err to my dismay is the weak joints at the right hand, where the fingers are articulated. Mcfarlane has obvious tried to add plus points by making the fingers jointed/ pin jointed. However the problem of random occuring stiff joints has made articulating hard, and one may accidentally apply too much force..breaking the fingers...
but all in all, still an awesome and appealing figure to add to your collection if you're a halo fan. Apart from its finger joint weakness and stiff joints, this is one not to miss.

Playskool's Mr Potato Head Star Wars SpudTROOPER!

Presented to me by mirrornoob! As a christmas gift for one i've given him a long time ago back in 05'.

First spotted this awesome toystory-star wars mashup figure with my brother whilst on christmas shopping on monday this week. Priced at $9.90 it was pretty decent and i was considering getting it when i decided to give it a miss to save up for other stuff.
So when i was out today on christmas eve with the bros' i went back to Toys R us to take a look at it, and i suggested it being a great additional christmas gift for his girl, being cute and decently priced, hence mirrornoob scored one for his girl and also got one for me as a christmas gift! THANKS BRO!

Equipped with a laser masher and spud armor to save their skins, the mighty SPUDTROOPERS have sworn their allegiance to DARTH tater. Now the rebel alliance must flee to keep from getting fried!!!!

Toy story's mr potato head as a stormtrooper....what could possibly go wrong???



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hot Toys: 12' inch Dutch ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) from Predator

Sourced forums from OSW, mediworld etc for these hot items...

what more can i say? Likeness - check, gear - awesome, old school cool - check. Must buy.

Furthermore it seems apparent from the first picture that there's going to be, perhaps, a new muscular body for Dutch. ( correct me if i'm wrong )

Furthermore if they could do an arny governator likeness, i feel they should re-explore their terminator line, and redo the t-800, and give us for christ's sake, TERMINATOR salvation. Dont' leave it to Sideshow please!!!! loose bodies and poor paint jobs, DOH! HOT TOYS please do terminator salvation, it'd make the recession year so much more bearable!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hotel 626: Cheats, Walkthrough, Spoilers, Guide

Greetings, and welcome, to The Stormtrooper Effect ( If it is your first visit ), due to the large number of one time hits on the previous post on Hotel 626's Walkthrough/Cheats/Spoilers, i realise that it would be a good idea and about time to give an in-depth review of this particular online Viral ''minigame'' crafted by dorritos chips for Halloween. - still somewhat popular at THIS point of time...

I've completed it on halloween itself, but just for references/ screenshots sake and for details i've decided to replay it.

TO Hotel 626

This time around i've provided a picture plenty review for each stage for any lost hotel guests.

Login page/ welcome screen.
if you encounter this problem, where the site prevents you from entering and playing the game, ( as it opens from 6pm - 6am only ) you could simply bypass this little niche by changing the time of your desktop to somewhere between 6pm -6am..and humho you're on your way to play the game!

a tip of advice before you begin would be to turn up your speakers/headphones and dim your lights as it would greatly aid your gameplay and improve the ambience. * some parts require you to listen closely to the voices.

Changing your computer time would solve this lockout problem.

I. by confronting your fears can you then find the light
You wake up, in the first stage, putting on your shirt and stepping out of the door.

What greets you next would be an empty and somewhat creepy hallway where you would have to enter the door on your right down the hallway. ( right before the black mists grab you). Use your mouse to turn.
stage I is complete.
II. she lives in the darkness show her the light
in this stage, basically use your camera to take the picture of the ghost zipping around in the dark bathroom. You should be able to see the sillihoute of the ghost. Slightly pale figure. And upon clicking your camera, the flash will reveal it to you and also in the process scare it away. ( do remember to dim your lights or the contrast or light reflecting on your screen will make it harder to spot the ghost)
You have 9 tries at this, of which you can only miss once.
missing more than that would cost you the level and you'd have to replay.

III. Just in time
You will exit the bathroom to a door to a stairwell. Enter the second door to the right, THERE are only two doors. Beware of the same black mist from the hotel hallway, as it will push you off the stairs to your death. should you miss the second door or not face the door or fail to click in time.

* the sickening thud still echoes in my head. Same as the first stage, you would require your mouse to navigate/ look, and you'd have to click on the door to open it or it won't count either.

IV. Sing me a Lullaby.

In this stage, you will have to pacify the little ghost child by ''virtually cranking the lullaby musicbox. ( like always you'd just need your mouse) turn your mouse in circles to crank that musicbox, * note that going too fast or too slow would cause this ghost to wake up !!!

there would be an indicator on the screen below the small circle, white being safe and red marking dangerously slow or fast.

Stage V. Continuation.
after ''putting'' the ghost child/ poltergist to sleep, you would have to creep out of this room to the hallway. And the worst part of it? the floorboards CREAK. and you sure as hell dont' wanna wake the poltergist up. Using your mouse, move your cursor left and right ONLY, counterbalancing the ''white dot'' as it moves along the slidebar. eg if its moving to the right, move your cursor left. Try to keep the dot within the central markings. Like before, red marks danger and white, safe.

I've got a trick for this which is to rhythmically estimate and sway my cursor left and right * with respect to the sliding dot of course* and you'd realise it's easier than it really seems at first.
you may not get it at first and panic by sliding your cursor to the extreme left and or right, but its really not neccessary. a gentle touch is all it takes. to & fro =D

VI. helpless?
This stage isn't playable as it just a viewing for cinematic purpose. You'd just be knocked out and dragged by some unknown force through the hallways. and you'd notice ghosts of previous residents at the doorways. Pretty freakily cool.

VII. He knows the way
the name is a dead-giveaway. * most get stuck here *
You will find yourself dragged and dumped into this panic cell, with an old man in a straight-jacket. Rambling, raving and rumbling, this crazy old man is your key to the door. * You'd need to turn up your speakers to hear him*
Throughout the background, you will hear him mumble, for example : hand, horse, candle. or spider, tree, finger
The sequence is random and each try, will yield a different keycode/ voice.
What this old man says actually is the 3-digit key to the lock on the door. you only have 2 tries, and 2 rounds to look at the room. So make them count or the old man will turn on you!
Listen! to him, for example, spider, tree , finger, actually means, 8, 4, 9. respectively. The words he say correspond to the drawings ON THE WALL. as indicated by my screenshot below. Spider with its eight legs marked in red. ( hence the number 8 ) The candles burning flames. The tree's roots marked out in red on the walls. The fingers with one bent, ( hence 9 ).
each retry randomizes what he'd say, which means you wont' get the same keycode if you retry the level. which just ups the difficulty.

The writing on the wall.
Eight legs on the spider, representing the number 8. ( marked red )

VIII. Find yourself a way out

If you have activated your webcam, your picture has already been taken at the start without your knowledge, so LOOK FOR YOUR PICTURE, and click on it. IF not look for a picture of the hallway like the screenshot. To scroll through the line of photos, click on the behind pictures,

Hurry up because someone's coming in and the row of pictures will only speed up if you dont' hurry.

VIIII. Answer, and you'd have answers
a cool cutscene with you not answering the phone, before a booming voice goes off warning you to LISTEN if you want to live.
well, listen to him and follow his instructions to escape the hallway. eg if the voice says left, go left. ( use your mouse as always ) MORE THAN ONE MISTAKE equates to your demise.

And there you have it, you've completed hotel 626, sit back and watch the ending cutscene! I hope you've enjoyed this in-depth review of HOTEL 626, where guess check in and never check out. ( EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHO READ MY REVIEW )

I completed it a long time ago.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pride and Glory: Movie Review

Released today, this police/crime drama genre is set around the festive season, however if you expect this to be some jolly, sweet and sugar coated story with a happy ending, this isn't what you're looking for.
Edward Norton stars as Ray Tierney, a New York City police officer who hails from a generation of police officers. His brother, father and his in-law all part of the precinct. Troubled by a case from the past,where he was forced to lie about the truth of events which occurred to protect members of the precinct, Ray ( edward norton ) has since left the task force and worked in the missing person department but is forced to return upon request by his father when four police officers were murdered in cold blood at one crime scene.

And it is in this investigation that he finds that the seeds of corruption were from the very precinct he worked in, linking his brother and in -law to be part of it. And Ray is forced to choose between choosing to protect family, or the values he sworn to keep upon being a police officer.

From the beginning of the film till its every end, this film screams out the bleak, harsh, cold and cruel gritty feel. Even the families of the main characters which were used as ways to show faucets of each character provided little reprieve from the agony, fear, bleakness that each character was in. And it somewhat gave one the feeling and expectation for a somewhat bleak and or tragic end.

Whilst this film does not base itself on action or fast paced drama, it lies on its character development and conversation between characters to let the audience get to know the big picture and story. However, it also it the flaw of the film as much of the backstory and history of characters can only be seen through what little dialogue given.

While Edward Norton did well to portray a troubled cop trying to choose between family or the values he sought to protect and uphold, Colin Farrell, too did shine in his portrayal of a vicious, vengeful and dangerous corrupt police officer. But still it wasn't enough to hold the film up together in my opinion.

The struggle within the characters' beliefs on the importance of family and values was something that was commendable as this point of view varied with most other of the same genre, though it could have been done in much more depth ( wasn't explored much ), as it was the main emphasis of the whole film.

This movie is worth a watch IF you dig police dramas/ crime dramas. It isn't unwatchable trash neither was it remarkably good either, somewhat floating on the margin. It just somewhat fell below my expectations, which is attributed to its lack of depth and narration to fully feel and delve into the character's world. ( the script almost could pull it off at one point but then they lost it...) - Jimmy's ( Colin Farrell) betrayal scene, Ray's Internal Affairs confession scene, End scene at Jimmy's death. I felt that had they placed more emphasis or narrated it better, this movie could, almost could...get a better rating.

An example of a film of a similiar genre would be street kings, though the acting wasn't particularly good, KEANU'S dead piece of driftwood expression ( sorry ladies ) didn't help either, but the resounding punch in the face and shock came towards the end which showed a pretty good script, and it did help the film move along and gave audiences much afterthought, thanks to its dramatic end. ( i would give street kings a 3.5 out of 5 )

But Pride and Glory fell short of what i expected and hoped for.

i'd give it a 3 out of 5, based on the stormtrooper effect's scale of awesomeness. And it is a miss instead of a Hit for me, as i feel that they could've done this film so much better.

+ the gritty, dark, brooding, feel
+ Colin Farrell ( didn't expect that )
+ Edward Norton's portrayal of his struggle between family and values
- lack of depth to fully flesh the characters to pull audiences into their world
- bleak..bleak...bleak...we start to get the picture. shit just gets worse? anything new?
- police drama with corruption equation , we've seen this before.
- had alot of potential to begin with. director lost the magic halfway into the film.

Movies not to miss.

When i first heard the title, pride and glory..i didn't pay much attention to it...not even when Colin Farrell's name popped up. But when Edward Norton's name came up...my interest was perked. And after watching the trailer on HD, i'm SOLD. totally.

Perhaps its due to Edward Norton's long standing reputation with quality films with solid character developement, ( fight club, 25th hour, american history X, the score ) -i missed hulk 2-

besides i have and still am a great fan of the dark brooding grittyness of cop/crime dramas, ( the departed, Heat, street kings ) so i will be heading down to cineleisure today...to catch the first screening of this movie, and i'd be back with a review. Hopefully it doesn't dissapoint.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Stormtrooper Effect: New Banner

With christmas just 12 days around the corner, i did a much delayed shoot of a christmas themed banner, a trooper clinging onto the branches of my christmas tree...

Hope this year's christmas would still preserve the spirit of it, despite the economic downturn. And till christmas comes around, keep collecting and may the force be with you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terminator 4: Salvation

Got a headsup' from KEN's site...this is one of the reasons to live through the year 2009!
and i seriously do hope HOT TOYS do bank on this movie franchise to give us collectors a John Conner 12'inch figure. That would be seriously orgasmic!
had always been a fan of terminator movies since my dad introduced it to me as a child, and i've been following up on t4:salvation but with all the overwhelming tons of great movies and memorabila drowning collectors, the dark knight, ironman, the spirit, james bond etc....i kinda forgot to follow up with T4:S.
that aside, The End Begins, 22nd May 2009

Win or lose, this war ends tonight.

''What happened here?''
''Judgement day''

'' You, me, we've been at war set before either of us existed.''
''You tried to kill my mother. You killed my father. You will not kill me''