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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Green Day's New Album 2009

The new year has never looked so exciting with Green Day's yet to be titled, 2009 spring release album. You can head on to their site to view the new teaser site they've put up for the anticipation for their new album here.

A look of their new site.

Billie Joe Armstrong Recording @ Ocean Way Studio
(same studio where American Idiot was recorded)
Ever since Green Day went on a tour as Pinhead Gunpowder and Foxborough Hot Tubs, forums have been stirred to life and speculation on the release date of their new album. ( its been 4 years since American Idiot, 2004) And it has been confirmed during the end of october when video footage was leaked and the new site was up. Furthermore an exclusive interview was given to Alternative Press which featured Green Day on their new album and talked about some of the tracks.
As yet, the little that is known are:
the working titles of the album's three acts are ( Act 1 - Heroes and Cons, Act 2 - Charlatans and Saints, Act 3 - Horseshoes and Handgrenades )
"Some of it is political, but most of it very much personal. They talk about 7 songs they heard (of 16 the band has). The song "March of the Dogs" is a "religious rant", while the song "21st Century Breakdown" is a bit more personal, but still talking about how the American dream seems to fade away. A “piano-driven love ballad” called “Last Night On Earth” where Billie talks about it being a romantic moment with more between the lines" - GDA
indeed, 09 is gonna be one helluva of a ride for fellow musicians, rockers, fans alike!

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