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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Toys to keep a HEADS-UP for...2009

Just making a small list of items that i'd need to purchase to bring my shelf up to shipshape.

star wars AT-TE vehicle
star wars Republic Gunship laat-i
Hot Toys 12' inch Predator
Hot Toys 12' inch Dutch
Hot Toys Terminator Salvation line : yet to be officially announced? but rumor has it that it may be release by Hot Toys, ( i certainly hope so, don't really fancy SS )

Macfarlane's 5' inch ODST's gotta look for em' at csc....( for upcoming halo3:odst game )
Star wars 3 3/4 inch figures ( oddball, more clones, and perhaps gree if he does pop around)
Kotobukiya Clone wars line
Kotobukya Master Chief
Kotobukiya Clone commander Bly


Little Plastic Man said...

Thinking ahead..very good...LOL!
Yeah Dutch...must get

Joshua said...

cheers to that bro! dutch is a MUST!

LEon said...

I see that you already got your 2009 resolutions. :P

Joshua said...

not yet...this is just the BEGINNING!!!!