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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hotel 626: Cheats, Walkthrough, Spoilers, Guide

Greetings, and welcome, to The Stormtrooper Effect ( If it is your first visit ), due to the large number of one time hits on the previous post on Hotel 626's Walkthrough/Cheats/Spoilers, i realise that it would be a good idea and about time to give an in-depth review of this particular online Viral ''minigame'' crafted by dorritos chips for Halloween. - still somewhat popular at THIS point of time...

I've completed it on halloween itself, but just for references/ screenshots sake and for details i've decided to replay it.

TO Hotel 626

This time around i've provided a picture plenty review for each stage for any lost hotel guests.

Login page/ welcome screen.
if you encounter this problem, where the site prevents you from entering and playing the game, ( as it opens from 6pm - 6am only ) you could simply bypass this little niche by changing the time of your desktop to somewhere between 6pm -6am..and humho you're on your way to play the game!

a tip of advice before you begin would be to turn up your speakers/headphones and dim your lights as it would greatly aid your gameplay and improve the ambience. * some parts require you to listen closely to the voices.

Changing your computer time would solve this lockout problem.

I. by confronting your fears can you then find the light
You wake up, in the first stage, putting on your shirt and stepping out of the door.

What greets you next would be an empty and somewhat creepy hallway where you would have to enter the door on your right down the hallway. ( right before the black mists grab you). Use your mouse to turn.
stage I is complete.
II. she lives in the darkness show her the light
in this stage, basically use your camera to take the picture of the ghost zipping around in the dark bathroom. You should be able to see the sillihoute of the ghost. Slightly pale figure. And upon clicking your camera, the flash will reveal it to you and also in the process scare it away. ( do remember to dim your lights or the contrast or light reflecting on your screen will make it harder to spot the ghost)
You have 9 tries at this, of which you can only miss once.
missing more than that would cost you the level and you'd have to replay.

III. Just in time
You will exit the bathroom to a door to a stairwell. Enter the second door to the right, THERE are only two doors. Beware of the same black mist from the hotel hallway, as it will push you off the stairs to your death. should you miss the second door or not face the door or fail to click in time.

* the sickening thud still echoes in my head. Same as the first stage, you would require your mouse to navigate/ look, and you'd have to click on the door to open it or it won't count either.

IV. Sing me a Lullaby.

In this stage, you will have to pacify the little ghost child by ''virtually cranking the lullaby musicbox. ( like always you'd just need your mouse) turn your mouse in circles to crank that musicbox, * note that going too fast or too slow would cause this ghost to wake up !!!

there would be an indicator on the screen below the small circle, white being safe and red marking dangerously slow or fast.

Stage V. Continuation.
after ''putting'' the ghost child/ poltergist to sleep, you would have to creep out of this room to the hallway. And the worst part of it? the floorboards CREAK. and you sure as hell dont' wanna wake the poltergist up. Using your mouse, move your cursor left and right ONLY, counterbalancing the ''white dot'' as it moves along the slidebar. eg if its moving to the right, move your cursor left. Try to keep the dot within the central markings. Like before, red marks danger and white, safe.

I've got a trick for this which is to rhythmically estimate and sway my cursor left and right * with respect to the sliding dot of course* and you'd realise it's easier than it really seems at first.
you may not get it at first and panic by sliding your cursor to the extreme left and or right, but its really not neccessary. a gentle touch is all it takes. to & fro =D

VI. helpless?
This stage isn't playable as it just a viewing for cinematic purpose. You'd just be knocked out and dragged by some unknown force through the hallways. and you'd notice ghosts of previous residents at the doorways. Pretty freakily cool.

VII. He knows the way
the name is a dead-giveaway. * most get stuck here *
You will find yourself dragged and dumped into this panic cell, with an old man in a straight-jacket. Rambling, raving and rumbling, this crazy old man is your key to the door. * You'd need to turn up your speakers to hear him*
Throughout the background, you will hear him mumble, for example : hand, horse, candle. or spider, tree, finger
The sequence is random and each try, will yield a different keycode/ voice.
What this old man says actually is the 3-digit key to the lock on the door. you only have 2 tries, and 2 rounds to look at the room. So make them count or the old man will turn on you!
Listen! to him, for example, spider, tree , finger, actually means, 8, 4, 9. respectively. The words he say correspond to the drawings ON THE WALL. as indicated by my screenshot below. Spider with its eight legs marked in red. ( hence the number 8 ) The candles burning flames. The tree's roots marked out in red on the walls. The fingers with one bent, ( hence 9 ).
each retry randomizes what he'd say, which means you wont' get the same keycode if you retry the level. which just ups the difficulty.

The writing on the wall.
Eight legs on the spider, representing the number 8. ( marked red )

VIII. Find yourself a way out

If you have activated your webcam, your picture has already been taken at the start without your knowledge, so LOOK FOR YOUR PICTURE, and click on it. IF not look for a picture of the hallway like the screenshot. To scroll through the line of photos, click on the behind pictures,

Hurry up because someone's coming in and the row of pictures will only speed up if you dont' hurry.

VIIII. Answer, and you'd have answers
a cool cutscene with you not answering the phone, before a booming voice goes off warning you to LISTEN if you want to live.
well, listen to him and follow his instructions to escape the hallway. eg if the voice says left, go left. ( use your mouse as always ) MORE THAN ONE MISTAKE equates to your demise.

And there you have it, you've completed hotel 626, sit back and watch the ending cutscene! I hope you've enjoyed this in-depth review of HOTEL 626, where guess check in and never check out. ( EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHO READ MY REVIEW )

I completed it a long time ago.


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Hotel 626 Walkthrough

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