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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hotel 626: Spoilers and Cheats

Turn off the lights. Close the door. Plug in the headphones. And let the horror begin...


With HALLOWEEN tomorrow... Frito Lay's dorritos came up with this online game as a promotion, however, don't take it lightly though. this is one serious scare for people who can't stomach much. I highly recommend you give this a try...

Hotel 626. guests check in, but they don't check out....

i conquered it. check the screen...heh...i'd give the walkthrough in the comments section to avoid spoilers.


Joshua said...

For the level for the passkey entering...

you have got to listen very closely to what the old man whispered ...to be able to enter the keycode..

it is a three digit key.

for example..if he whispered finger, spider, girraffe. it means 9, 8, 4 respectively.

furthermore the biggest pain is that the number is never the same, its randomized each time u refresh or retry etc.

so turn up that speakers and listen well.


another problem encountered by others is the picture room in the dark. if you didn't have your picture taken, just look for the picture of the door.

good luck in room 626

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