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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Stormtrooper Effect's NEW look

Yes, i've made a poster/banner for The Stormtrooper Effect. No, it isn't easy. The setup to take the picture of the 'sandtrooper' which supposedly would be the cover ''stormtrooper'' was relatively hard.

Being an average working class person, i have yet to splurge on a decent light tent, backdrop etc etc. and though a tad' late, here's how i WILL be taking future pictures, as i've discovered a cheaper/cheapo way to work around getting decent shots till i've saved enough for a nice setup.
My laptop chucked to the left with my razer mouse, the tinny weeny camera stand propped on my molecular cell bio textbook, a black t shirt DRAPPED over a long ruler balanced on my PC's screen, and a lint roller (for obvious reasons....) . Lighting comes from the table lamp. And that's how i got the ''BANNER'' shot...


Shaun said...

good post explaining the thought and execution behind the creation of your banner.

You don't actually need to invest in a light tent and backdrop. Check out Ken's set up.

Joshua said...

thanks bro!