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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sideshow's Utapau 212th attack Battalion

Pictures. Looks fantastic IMO. though i must say the bodysuit around the shoulders look a tad' saggy. One thing worth mentioning is that i'm glad that they included the Blastech's DC-15A blaster rifle, along with the DC-15S its compact counterpart. Its really good that sideshow is making this extra blaster rifle as previous renditions of the clone trooper by medicom did not have a blaster rifle, which is the key weapon of all clone troopers. Now that there're both. DOUBLE THE SHIOKNESS.
I most definetely will be getting this trooper.


Armand said...

Oh thank you Sideshow! Cheaper troopers for my collection! The dream of the 501st will now become a reality, hehehe!

Joshua said...

haha my sentiments EXACTLY! Medicom's are way too expensive

Little Plastic Man said...

This might be my first 12 inch trooper! The force is strong in this one!!!

Joshua said...

yeah, this fig looks awesome, best off its cheaper than medicom. and even comes with the DC-15 rifle.