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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Screen Inaccuracies: 212th Sideshow clone trooper

Take a good look at the comparison between Sideshow's Utapau Clone trooper, beside the On-screen look of a 501st trooper. (Both helmets, 212th battalion and 501st are supposedly similar)

However judging from the pictures, there is an obvious difference at the frown below the *teeth* of the utapua helmet. Furthermore the microphone tips are not accurate either. I have circled out the errors. and you can compare the below picture to the screen reference picture.

It obviously appears that the error was that the whole section below the *teeth* of the helmet was made too angular and trianglized ( downwards) instead of a smooth transisioned bump/hump.

It is pretty evident that in terms of screen accuracy, Sideshow continually fails to deliver, as opposed to medicom. However, i must say that price still somewhat determines much of consumer's choice.


Nate Productions said...

FAILURE! The 501st is a picture from the movie and the 212th is a cheap model you can get at the grocery store.

Unknown said...
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Brice Lohest said...

The 212th trooper's helmet is based from the series"Star Wars The Clone Wars".That is why the teeth portion is Much more triangular.