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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blabberpus for the week.

As it has been a long time since i was into gaming, i have since become out of touch with the latest games or best sellers other than those that particularly interest me eg: star wars force unleashed (hence waited a year for it)

So it is no suprise that i made a HORRENDOUS choice or purchasing a cheap-production-poor-graphical-textured video game. Yes, it's the only video game i've bought this year, and it by far is the worst.

My punishment for buying on impulse to burn time for the day. And what game was it? you might ask, Soldier of Fortune: Payback..... I always had a thing for soldier of fortune, be it the mindless senseless violence and gore which most games do not do so explicitly ( strewn limbs, heads, arms, blood spraying etc...) to the fast past run-and-gun action.

however this third instalment to the ''once'' popular title, has obvious buried, or cemented SOF's position in the videogame junk graveyard.

i was playing today right after purchasing it, and despite playing on easy, i realise that it seriously was a B I T C H, to get enemies. not that it wasn't hard to kill them, but it was bloody shoddly hard to spot them. Whilst i would say Call of Duty 4 was challenging as enemies sometimes blended well in the background, i would still applaud the realism and detail in the models and textures, however as for SOF3...the problem was the textures of the background and models were so BLAND, that the enemy models HARDLY stood out at all. Appalling really. While i may not be hardcore into the new games since my PC'S breakdown....i must say i still keep in constant practice for my FPS skills, but with the atrocious textures, terribly unconvincing gunshots and poor storyline cum narration .....this title falls FLAT. as in terribly flat.

Gamers will not be able to fully engage and be emotionally invested into the game. furthermore the action is blatantly unconvincing, and A.I is terribly dumb even at the hardest setting, and the only offensive or rather skill they have which aided them in their quest for my annahilation was the poor graphics and textures which made em' so well camouflaged. ( COD4 AT its hardest setting was still fun despite having to die every few seconds) in SOF3 , you could die wondering where or what happened.

controls were sluggish and sprint only headed in one direction. wtf?

ah well. for 39.90 it already is terribly overpriced. and as for its rating, i wont give it anywhere above 3 out of 10.

Highly unadvisable unless you have an expandable amount of cash and time.

on the other hand, after this experience, i'm going back to my old regime of doing some good old proper catch-up with the gaming scene....to prevent further dissapointments like these.
as yet two titles that have appealed to me since researching cross referencing reviews were DEAD SPACE and FAR CRY 2....

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