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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Custom TDK batman pictures

I found these pictures in mediworld forums. As many other collectors found their TDK batman to be a tad' fat...some took the initiative to actually mod it. Which can be seen in these few pictures.

How the suit comes together

The armored body figures

Sanding the butt cheeks to allow more poses for the legs
Sanding of the pectorals , upper ribs and midsection of collarbone..( to allow batman to tilt neck)

While it does look way much better after customing, batman no longer looks like fatman, i feel that the customer sanded a tad too much off the sides of the upper ribs...making his waist seem too slim and making his legs look out of proportion.
Great custom IMHO. Though i must say i'm not certain whethere i'd do that for my own figure. Preferably i should wait for HT's slim bodies to come out before substituting? perhaps.


Armand said...

Unless I'm a millionaire or money grows on trees, I don't think I'd be doing that to my Batman, hehehehe!

But he does look slightly better tho

Joshua said...

yeah he looks way better when customed...

no more beer gut, he can bend his head to strike the exact pose as the posters and exact slim look..

BUT YES i agree with you...don't think its a good idea to do that too...considering my limited experience.