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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Body Of Lies - November 20th

Body of Lies, directed by Ridley Scott starring Leonardo di Caprio and Russell Crowe, hits singapore's theatres on November 20th. &*%$ .....WHY indonesia is Oct 10th? Ah well, besides that, after watching the trailer and noting its heavyweight cast and director, i don't see how this movie can go wrong. BUT I'VE BEEN WRONG BEFORE. Aside from that i'm anticipating this movie.
I'm hoping Hot Toys do a kitbash of somesort or military fig with another Leo's head. Though the previous one, (mountain sniper version) had a great headsculpt of leo, the gear and uniform did not really appeal to me. So dear Hot Toys, please do another headsculpt of him with GREATER and more AWESOME gear - preferrably seals cqb or something, it wont' go wrong.
Another lookout would be for max payne=D


Armand said...

Somehow the movie poster reminds me so much of Blade Runner...or maybe its just me, heh!

Joshua said...

yep i agree with you bro!

thefilmkiwi said...

nice blog man :) am also lookin forward to max payne, should be sweet if they dont mess it up.

Joshua said...

thanks thefilmkiwi, yep same here bro, i'm looking forward to max payne too. the ''hallucinations'' of the valkyrie drug in max payne look cool. and yes i do hope they stay true to its gaming roots