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Friday, October 17, 2008

Max Payne Hits Theatres.

Movie costume

The clothes that made the MAN(video game)

Max Payne HAS hit theatres. And though i will be watching it tomorrow, i must still say the anticipation is killing me. Yes, every video game fanboy of max payne's will be driven nuts now that it's here.
The things i always loved about max payne....how can i name it all...film noir, slow-mo gunfights, comic book narrative graphics, solid narration with the whole dark, deep, emotional, vengeful ANTI HERO.

I particularly loved the intro of the film, ( i have yet to watch it) but through online releases, i noted that the film stayed very true to its video game roots. With Mark Walberg's narration in the comic bookesque style. Furthermore his voice and character is evidently a right choice to play as the titucular role, Max Payne.

however the reviews i've read from the papers and online as yet, were somewhat dismal about the movie. But i'd still watch the movie. and i'd be back with a full review tomorrow.

A look at the movie's intro here


Patrick Roberts said...

i suspect the storyline for Max Payne is a lot more exciting when it’s happening in the form of a video game... except for those few exciting parts that i already saw in the preview, it was a snoozefest

Joshua said...

thanks for visiting patrick! yeah i agree, that the actual storyline was much better done in the video game as opposed to the film's storyline.

though i must say that it did stay true to its roots however the characters were not fleshed out that well..