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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top 10 movie Villains of All Time! (Candidates)

Alrighty! As i have spoken to other fellow reviewers, enthusiasts and collectors about...having a small ranking of our favourite silver screen villains of all time!

It goes in no particular order or ranking of how bad-ass they are...and as yet these are the potential candidates to RULE THE WORLD! in fear and oppression!
If the criteria to be a baddie was to have a kickass suit of armor, and a thunderous voice, Sauron, from Lord of the Rings sure hits em' all. ''ONE ring to rule them all'' need i say more?

Venom, as seen in Spiderman 3 - this tragic character eddie brock, fused with the alien symbiote from spiderman, has left eddie brock from hopeless sucidal, to vengeful villain...

Now, to the Villain that needs no introduction, this fallen, prophecised saviour of the jedi and also the man who made famous the phrase we all know now '' i am your father'' - Dark Lord of the sith, has inspired fear into the galaxy beyond despite surrounding himself with rather incompetent stormtroopers with a penchant to miss their targets (stormtrooper effect)...ladies and gentlemen....Darth Vader!

Reader BEWARE do not judge this frail old man by his looks. For this is one who has manipulated galaxies, and the foolish jedi into handing him all the power he needed to rule the world...Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Sidious, is a foe to watch out for.

'Norma' Norman Bates, in Psycho. Dont' let his charming looks fool ya ladies, this man is a serious lady killer. An the plus factor? He dresses like his mom to kill people!!!
'' Oh look normy....you pansy in your mommies' dressy!''

Jason Voorhees. Stone cold killer. Legend. pairs up pretty well on screen with fellow baddie - Jason

Jigsaw Killer: Jonathan Kramer...from SAW. Butcher and psychotic sadist who pleasures himself in watching people struggle in his deathtraps. Boy, aren't we glad he's dead. Though, don't get too cocky yet. The film found in his autopsy tells us that the games have JUST begun...

The late Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight. A total anarchist and agent of chaos. One of the most threatening and terrifiying villains silver screen will ever see brought to life.

Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldermort. This supposed baddie from the Harry Potter franchise somehow turned out whacked up pansy in the film's adaptation. And does not seem as terrifying and as villainous as he was portrayed in books. Well, don't judge books by its covers...

John Milton/ Satan. Seen in The Devil's Advocate. By far, in my honest opinion, the most believable, most ruthless, manipulative, and true to the books like we've read it's version of ''satan''. This guy is one man you do NOT want to fuck with.

Heard the phrase, you can Run, but you can't HIDE? cause' there's only so far that you can run in your nightmares when Freddy Krueger come's knockin' on the door.

Mystique. The hot shape shifting babe in X-men. Well, she could shapeshift to any human form she wants too. Kills people in cold blood. Plus she's got one helluva of a hot bod. Heartless-check, special powers-check, hot bod-check. Qualifies to be a Baddie imho.

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m.n said...

jigsaw, just scared me a little when i see that pic. NC 16!!! :P