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Monday, October 13, 2008

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

I actually watch a ton of movies, however unlike most people who catch the latest movies in cinemas or through other means ....*ahem* I however, watch movies in a reverse timeline. Most particularly movies I had an interest in or had caught my attention be it in the smallest clips that I glimpsed by during childhood and never fully watched. Hence i try to do so now.

Furthermore i also pay attention to indie movies ( NOT SINGAPORE ones though), especially works of actors before they actually make it big on screen in blockbusters etc. This is so because i somewhat find that sometimes the real good movies are the ones that people still don't know or haven't heard about. And it is quite a joy to enjoy such movies because then its like your own '' little secret''.

Also, i always feel that movies are not just about the film itself but the actor's chemistry and all the emotional baggage that an actor carries along with them onto the production. Hence i always had an interest and loved watching behind the scenes section of the movies. And watching those behind-the-scenes conversation of actors and actresses, it brings back fond memories of my stint in stage acting in my younger years. To note, this film was the film that made me take note of Robert Downey Jr and his works, and ever since have respected him as one of my favourite actors.

That aside, i would like to recommend on such indie film, also dubbed the most ''overlooked film of the year'' * (they actually won such an award). Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. It is by far one of my most favourite films of all time.

Starring Robert Downey Jr, Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaham. Directed and written by Shane Black.

This movie is not so much of thriller as it is comedy and the dialogue and script is very witty. There is a classic film noir established in the film and it somewhat brings back every bit of the word Hollywood from yesteryear. The only way i can describe it is that i brings back all the fond memories one would remember as a child thinking of how Hollywood was in the 60's - 70's. With the classic film noir genre amok ...wet damp streets and smoke down alleys and a sillhoutte cast down ... This film truly brings back the roots of Hollywood.

One thing that i loved particularly is the way how the whole film was told. It is done so in a narration with Robert Downey Jr playing as Harry Lockhart being self aware/ fourth wall narration which amplifies the stage acting roots/bookish narration of the film. Which i find truly unique and is quite rare in films nowadays. The dramatic flair and comic relief all packed so well in this movie.

Furthermore RBJ's portrayal of the lead character is so human and believable in a sense that from the beginning we could see his character was flawed, and though a small time criminal he could draw the sympathy from the viewer and make you truly understand his situation. And despite being flawed one could see his still justifiable values and beliefs reveal in certain parts of the movie. (harmony and spider scene) Which one could truly sympathize, understand and even respect.

Furthermore Val and Michelle's performance were fantastic. It is pretty evident on screen that their actor's chemistry was very well done. OH, val plays as a homosexual for the first time on screen.

This is one movie of which you would watch and leave with a true satisfaction and content knowing that this movie has paid back every dime it cost, and unlike most movies nowadays which end abrubtly, or winds up with some cheesy end , this one truly prepares, and sets the bar of QUALITY for movies of which many, will never get to reach.

I would, for the first time, (i have never given such a high rating) i would rate this movie a 5 out of 5 claps. It is seriously one movie to watch if it were to be the last movie you'd ever catch. This is not just a film, but a true work of art in every way.


the film kiwi said...

hmm i shall have to watch it! Its true what you say though, theres a tone of excellent movies out there that get little or no coverage, more than often we are only exposed to what our local cinema or dvd store has to offer, yet there are far more films out there worthy of such attention. Some of them are classics and go straight to DVD release!

Joshua said...

yep, i agree with you...hence i HIGHLY SUPPORT promoting such movies....so keep posting reviews about movies BRO!!!

Armand said...

Hell yeah! I loved the movie! Bob Jnr is one versatile actor. He can do serious as well as comedy. I loved the part where he was chased by the police and stumbled into the casting session. Funny!

Joshua said...

Yes i completely agree with you bro! i guess my fav part was the parts where he was really serious when melody was being touched without her consent the whole '' for the cheap seats, do not think...walk away'' phrase still stuck in my head!

rbj one of my fav actors of all time! cheers!

and yes the casting part was hilarious