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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hot Toys 75th Regiment Marine with M249 custom kitbash

Finally, my very first Hot Toys Military figure! This being the Marine 75th regiment with m249, featuring Edward Norton's headsculpt! Absolutely fantastic figure with highly detailed equipment and accessories. The only flipside that i'd begrudge this figure is the fact that it didn't come with pistol clips for its M9 berretta.
I had much difficulty putting on the pouches and bags and whatnots for this figure, considering it was my first time, it was rather tedious indeed. And in the process i ripped several, ''connectors or hangon's or so to call, for the pouches which left me no choice but to tie those loose string bits to hold on to the multi purpose vest....
i will discuss this figure later in the day..as i'm already tired from repeatly trying to attach stuff to him.
but i must say i'm proud of this figure, as yet i do not wish to arm and display him with the m249 SAW, because i just somewhat dislike the gun, and hence replaced it with an M40 with a silencer in desert camo...
have yet to put on that balaclava though.
i'd see about that tomorrow...

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