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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Iron Man Mark I, II & III armors Pictures

I seriously hope that its not by some photography skill of manipulating the light or some digital enhancing, photoshopping or editting, that these Iron Man figures look so DAMN awesome and great with the metallic sheen of paint. Because as far as i could see from hot toy's website, the metallic sheen or look to the paint was somewhat dull and ''plastic-ky''.
However just a few pictures of the Mark I,II & III armors taken by NOT A TOY... Found it somewhere in the forums .
A point to note and revisit is my worry about the Mark I armor, i seriously hope that we collectors do not have to piece that whole mark I armor as shown HERE!
With prior, despite limited experience with Hot Toy's military 12' inch figures, i am seriously praying that we DO NOT have to go through the experience of piecing our figure together, despite it being cool to put it all together, because considering how small and fragile the plastic parts are in the picture, it would be a great pain and risk(of breaking it) to fix it ground up.
PLEASE HOT TOYS don't DO THIS to us! HELP us assemble it!

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