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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dead Space and Far Cry 2 Review upcoming!

Dead Space

Far Cry 2
Will be doing a review on Dead Space by Sunday, getting the game tomorrow...
Yes, i know i missed the release date of 16th october, however i've only just fixed my personal desktop after a full year's worth of inactivity in the video game section...
In the meanwhile, i'm still waiting for Far Cry 2 to hit the shelves. Far Cry 1 sure as hell was one totally revolutional FPS. With its island wide exploration and multiple ways to approach and eliminate enemies...and for the ''tropical disaster of a paradise'' to twist from mercenary butchering to experimental monster hunting. HELL, it sure is one title to remember.
now...does Far Cry 2 bring along the horror/monster genre back? or its mercenary/betrayal - faction choosing genre? we'd see soon enough...

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