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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Week's Haul: Fight Club & Die Hard DVD + Hasbro's Arc Trooper

In Tyler we trust & Yipee-ki-yay Mother f*cker
what more can i say?
Removable pauldron and wrist guard with kama
Hauled the Dvd's on wednesday at jurong point's Ntuc Xtra. It was going at a sale of 10.90 each. pretty worthwhile considering how old it is and also for how much a pop culture influence it is.
Hasbro's Star Wars Saga legends' ARC trooper was purchased on my behalf from hongkong. Kudos to Mirrornoob!
had the opportunity to kitbash the figure with parts off other clone trooper to make him look like a clone commander.
pretty awesome IMHO.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hot Toys 12' inch Joker ( Police Officer Version)

To salute the Best Joker ever! - To celebrate Health Ledger won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role at OSCAR with his brilliant performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker, Hot Toys decided to issue a very rare version of this character to enrich your collection. It will be The Police Officer version comes with a clean face painting and dressed in Police Officer costume, have you been praying for this after read our January newsletter?
Let's take a glance of our 12" The Joker collectible figure (Police Officer version) teaser pic right away! And don't miss any of our future newsletters to get more details and images of this unique collectible.
[Preview the teaser]

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enterbay's Final Mass Production Quality Look at 24 series Jack Bauer and David Palmer

Whilst Hot Toys displays and promotes pictures of prototypes/handpainted headsculpts of their figures, Enterbay has a consumer friendly approach of actually taking detailed pictures of the final product after mass production.
We all know how advertised products often do not look exactly the same as the way it was shown. Just like how we all wished our Bank Robber Jokers had the same fantastic paint done by J.C hong. ( b.r joker's still awesome though)
But looking at these Enterbay final product pictures, i'm seriously sold. Jack Bauer has an honoury place on my shelf...


Mass production piece.

Dare to live your dreams? Prepare yourself for the extraordinary… ENTERBAY has taken 1/6 scale collectible figures to a whole new level!!

Every piece is a Real Masterpiece, details from the skin texture, newly paint job application, to the eyes, it’s simple an art-of-work you truly have to experience in the palm of your hands. Our total commitment to excellence, the 24 Series uses our new breakthrough technique “Inserted-Eye Piece” method; this new technique has been developed to add more realism to the detailing of the eyes and meets every challenge in this industry. But wait there’s more… This is only the beginning of the new revolution…we’re not afraid to challenge the accepted and shake things up to bring you kick-ass collectibles!! We will continue to lead the industry with our advanced skills and technology, not to mention our unstoppable drive for perfection to deliver you more luxury that’s within reach. **Images above are taken from mass production pieces (non prototype).

This is what you have been waiting for!

Every Second Counts ….


Enterbay indeed is going on a strong path to rival Hot Toys in the 1/6th scale toy production. Furthermore their approach towards customer satisfaction has me sold completely. Kudos ENTERBAY!

Friday, February 20, 2009

1/6th scale T-700 Endoskeleton

friggin' awesome.
my only qualm?
where are his weapons??!?
no laser rifles? no firearms either...

Movie Masterpiece Series~
The Skynet's foot soldier
- T700 collectible figure features:
- Approximately 31 cm / 12 inches tall
- over 25 points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers and toes
- Light-up eyes (cell button battery operated / battery included)
- Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate
Release date: April, 2009

Hot Toys 1/6th scale T-600 Endoskeleton

The massive killing machine - T-600 collectible figure features:
- Approximately 35 cm / 14 inches tall
- over 25 Points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers
- Light-up eyes (cell button battery operated / battery included)
- Accessories includes Gatling gun ammo pack with harness
- Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate
Release date: May, 2009

the vulcan cannon is TEH shit man!!! this terminator looks like one nasty mother f**ker...

though its in serious need of a cleanup! love the paint apps though..

Hot Toys 1/6th scale Terminator Salvation T-600 & T-700

This is one other toy line apart from batman and ironman, that people are willing to be drained dry just to get their hands on... if they gonna release marcus' endoskeleton...hell' i'd be broke
Judging by the scale comparison of endoskeletons at the sdcc, it seems apparent that both the T-700 & T-600 should be bigger than 12' inch...considering t-800 and marcus are average human height, with the T700 & t600 towering over..
Judging by these charts that's what i think, and hope it'd be..
but the T-700 looks 12' inch to me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green Day's New Album Title Announced: 21st Century Breakdown

The announced album cover for Green Day's May debut 09' album.

Green Day's Latest Look.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Stormtrooper Effect Banner

the quote came from Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.) making an emotional sentence about his purpose and destiny...and i felt that, this quote captured much of the essence of the true Iron Man.
why i enjoy making banners, and why the quotes...
Got the idea of putting quotes in my banners as a way for me to express the moments that i felt represented the spirit and feel of the movie to me. Those iconic moments, captured beautifully into a toy on my shelf, and surmised by a phrase/quote from the movie. that's what toy collecting TRULY means to me.
The new banner is finally up, been wanting to put it up for a long time but since my laptop, which contains all the editting software has crashed, it was put on hold...

Kudos to Mirrornoob who did me a huge favour by helping me resize the picture to my specifications. To whom this new banner would not be possible without. (otherwise the picture would be oversized and out of proportion)

other features of THE STORMTROOPER EFFECT's banners are uploaded below...
Featuring Kotobukiya's Sandtrooper Vinyl Statue.
Second feature banner, featuring Hot Toy's Bank Robber Joker.
and my favourite quote in the bank robbery scene.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enterbay's 24 series, Jack Bauer 1/6th scale figure

When i first got wind of Enterbay doing a 24 series figure, i didn't pay much attention to it till i saw the prototype sculpts being released.
I seldom watch television, but i do know enough to know that 24 was a rather good tv series to catch though i couldn't afford the time to catch each season and episode. There're 7 seasons now.
Alwasy did admire Kiefer's acting capabilities. Furthermore with enterbay's reputation, rising up since their bruce lee figures, they are soon IMHO, going to take over Hot Toys as the leading 1/6th scale figure toy makers. Whilst competition might be good for us to choose between brands, i highly doubt the price will lower anytime soon though between both companies.
i've just got hyped up back onto this Enterbay train for 24, though i'm still considering whether to jump on the preorder, due to both financial resources and on the structure/material used for the headsculpt.
as yet i'm trying to avoid rubber being used on figures, and since enterbay uses a realistic skin technology on their headsculpts i'm wondering if they're using some form of rubber or soft plastic which may degrade in the weather here. (jay chou from enterbay is one example). That aside, the magnetic attachments and removal of the head to the hair and adjustable eyeballs somewhat turn of off for i do prefer hot toy's solid headsculpts so far.
furthermore i'm saving up and cutting down preorders till i see the TERMINATOR SALVATION LINE. recently dropped off arnold from Predator 1 preorder to focus on terminator. So if anyone has any comments or advice on enterbay? do discuss!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Animated Figures

Hauled in Cody and Oddball on the eve of the New Year, didn't get around to opening them till now.