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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Stormtrooper Effect Banner

the quote came from Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.) making an emotional sentence about his purpose and destiny...and i felt that, this quote captured much of the essence of the true Iron Man.
why i enjoy making banners, and why the quotes...
Got the idea of putting quotes in my banners as a way for me to express the moments that i felt represented the spirit and feel of the movie to me. Those iconic moments, captured beautifully into a toy on my shelf, and surmised by a phrase/quote from the movie. that's what toy collecting TRULY means to me.
The new banner is finally up, been wanting to put it up for a long time but since my laptop, which contains all the editting software has crashed, it was put on hold...

Kudos to Mirrornoob who did me a huge favour by helping me resize the picture to my specifications. To whom this new banner would not be possible without. (otherwise the picture would be oversized and out of proportion)

other features of THE STORMTROOPER EFFECT's banners are uploaded below...
Featuring Kotobukiya's Sandtrooper Vinyl Statue.
Second feature banner, featuring Hot Toy's Bank Robber Joker.
and my favourite quote in the bank robbery scene.


Little Plastic Man said...

Nice!! Great job on the banner

Joshua said...

thanks adrian! appreciate it!

Ming said...

The banners are awesome. I like seeing them evolve too.

Shaun said...

nice work on the banner, my fave is still the bank robber joker one though.

LEon said...

Nice banner. Hehehe

Joshua said...

@Ming- thanks A MILLION bro! i'd strive to make new banners, and improve on my photography skills...hopefully the next banner can be something AWESOMER!

@Shaun - thanks alot bro! and i agree with you that my fav too is the bank robber joker!

@Leon - Thanks mate!