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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enterbay's 24 series, Jack Bauer 1/6th scale figure

When i first got wind of Enterbay doing a 24 series figure, i didn't pay much attention to it till i saw the prototype sculpts being released.
I seldom watch television, but i do know enough to know that 24 was a rather good tv series to catch though i couldn't afford the time to catch each season and episode. There're 7 seasons now.
Alwasy did admire Kiefer's acting capabilities. Furthermore with enterbay's reputation, rising up since their bruce lee figures, they are soon IMHO, going to take over Hot Toys as the leading 1/6th scale figure toy makers. Whilst competition might be good for us to choose between brands, i highly doubt the price will lower anytime soon though between both companies.
i've just got hyped up back onto this Enterbay train for 24, though i'm still considering whether to jump on the preorder, due to both financial resources and on the structure/material used for the headsculpt.
as yet i'm trying to avoid rubber being used on figures, and since enterbay uses a realistic skin technology on their headsculpts i'm wondering if they're using some form of rubber or soft plastic which may degrade in the weather here. (jay chou from enterbay is one example). That aside, the magnetic attachments and removal of the head to the hair and adjustable eyeballs somewhat turn of off for i do prefer hot toy's solid headsculpts so far.
furthermore i'm saving up and cutting down preorders till i see the TERMINATOR SALVATION LINE. recently dropped off arnold from Predator 1 preorder to focus on terminator. So if anyone has any comments or advice on enterbay? do discuss!


LEon said...

Look very much like the actors! Cool!

Little Plastic Man said...

Nice...however must now do selective buying due to limited $$. As I don't watch the show, I am not buying this

Joshua said...

@ leon - yeah its damn cool

@ Adrian - i didn't watch the show but i am now...got the dvds for season 1 and am watching them...pretty high octane stuff. inevitably hooked myself to get this figure but i don't know if i can afford to preorder it yet. gotta see how terminator salvation line turns out.

deSMOnd said...

Jack and Palmer are in my preorder list now :)

Joshua said...

awwwwwwwww!!! i want them tooooo!

though i'd wait till i see how the terminator salvation line turns up. =D