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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hot Toys 12' inch Joker ( Police Officer Version)

To salute the Best Joker ever! - To celebrate Health Ledger won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role at OSCAR with his brilliant performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker, Hot Toys decided to issue a very rare version of this character to enrich your collection. It will be The Police Officer version comes with a clean face painting and dressed in Police Officer costume, have you been praying for this after read our January newsletter?
Let's take a glance of our 12" The Joker collectible figure (Police Officer version) teaser pic right away! And don't miss any of our future newsletters to get more details and images of this unique collectible.
[Preview the teaser]


LEon said...

Good for collector and fans. Really glad he won the Oscar. He deserved it.

The Rebel said...

Hmm....more money to be sacrificed to Hot Toys....

A great figure nevertheless...

Razmanshah said...

Yeah man, HT is sucking my hard earned money!!! Hate HT (actually I adore them huhu)

Joshua said...

@ leon - yeah heath deserved every bit of that oscar, dead or alive.

@ The Rebel - agreed bro! alot of money to be burnt. rehash perhaps. but heath is dead and the value of this toy sure goes up in time.

@ Razman - yeah its a love hate relationship for me too!

tomztoyz said...

Oh yeah, the new JOKER Police Officer Figure by HOT TOYS is totally & completely INSANE!!

I really want one of these real bad!