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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enterbay's Final Mass Production Quality Look at 24 series Jack Bauer and David Palmer

Whilst Hot Toys displays and promotes pictures of prototypes/handpainted headsculpts of their figures, Enterbay has a consumer friendly approach of actually taking detailed pictures of the final product after mass production.
We all know how advertised products often do not look exactly the same as the way it was shown. Just like how we all wished our Bank Robber Jokers had the same fantastic paint done by J.C hong. ( b.r joker's still awesome though)
But looking at these Enterbay final product pictures, i'm seriously sold. Jack Bauer has an honoury place on my shelf...


Mass production piece.

Dare to live your dreams? Prepare yourself for the extraordinary… ENTERBAY has taken 1/6 scale collectible figures to a whole new level!!

Every piece is a Real Masterpiece, details from the skin texture, newly paint job application, to the eyes, it’s simple an art-of-work you truly have to experience in the palm of your hands. Our total commitment to excellence, the 24 Series uses our new breakthrough technique “Inserted-Eye Piece” method; this new technique has been developed to add more realism to the detailing of the eyes and meets every challenge in this industry. But wait there’s more… This is only the beginning of the new revolution…we’re not afraid to challenge the accepted and shake things up to bring you kick-ass collectibles!! We will continue to lead the industry with our advanced skills and technology, not to mention our unstoppable drive for perfection to deliver you more luxury that’s within reach. **Images above are taken from mass production pieces (non prototype).

This is what you have been waiting for!

Every Second Counts ….


Enterbay indeed is going on a strong path to rival Hot Toys in the 1/6th scale toy production. Furthermore their approach towards customer satisfaction has me sold completely. Kudos ENTERBAY!


deSMOnd said...

Jack and Palmer are in my preorder list already :P

Joshua said...

jack's on my preorder too!!!

you watch 24?

Dash MacBastard said...

God they're amazing!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

It is indeed detail. Even the face complexion. If they make a face of mine, it will have a lot of pimple scar. Ha! Ha!

Joshua said...

@ Dash - yeah man..they're frikkin' awesome

@ Dennis - LOL! Agree on the incredible details...