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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday

Happy Halloween to all readers of The Stormtrooper Effect, thank you all for dropping all the encouraging comments, and whatnots!

and last but not least, happy birthday to me. Cheers.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hotel 626: Spoilers and Cheats

Turn off the lights. Close the door. Plug in the headphones. And let the horror begin...


With HALLOWEEN tomorrow... Frito Lay's dorritos came up with this online game as a promotion, however, don't take it lightly though. this is one serious scare for people who can't stomach much. I highly recommend you give this a try...

Hotel 626. guests check in, but they don't check out....

i conquered it. check the screen...heh...i'd give the walkthrough in the comments section to avoid spoilers.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Upcoming Video Games: Fallout 3

Getting back into the gaming scene, i suddenly pondered how i lived through this year without my staple addiction.... that aside, Fallout 3, is scheduled to be released, today up to 31st october!
Which is the 27th - 31st october, depending on which part of the world you're at. So now the list goes from FALLOUT 3, to DEAD SPACE, to RED ALERT 3. the list just keeps getting longer. somehow good games or good things come in a single huge barrage, and leaves you struggling to cope, ironically so does bad things.
well...lets keep our fingers crossed it rains money someday soon...

Haul of the day

Got this Adidas Originals cap from cathay shopping centre today. At SGD $32. It's pretty decent. I have been looking for one but none have yet appeal to me till now.

And a shoutout to a bro' of mine, CH, Happy birthday!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Anime Manga House: Anime, manga reviews and social issues

Minna, a friend of mine, has taken the liberty to set up a blog, The Anime Manga House, to share her passion for anime and manga and also to discuss her point of view on social issues in Singapore.
Do drop by her site and check it out!

The Film Kiwi: Movie Reviews Galore!

The Film Kiwi is created and managed by Tom. We met online through my site, and since have been sharing our passion for the movies, be it voting our favourite villains to discussing and rating the quality of movies.

Tom is based in New Zealand, and he updates The Film Kiwi regularly and should you ever want a movie reviewed, you can always leave him a request, via comments or his tagboard!

Do check out his site for interesting reviews!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Far Cry 2 Review

As i've promised, here is my review for Far Cry 2 Collector's edition
I originally intended to purchase Dead Space, but by luck i came across a box full of undisplayed Far Cry 2! I wasn't aware of its actual release date, and since my hunt for it yesterday was fruitless, i assume that today is the official launch of the PC version...

So i hereby present to you without further ado, Far Cry 2.

Upon removing the plastic wrapping i realised that it was a CHEST!

More than you could ever bargain for.

Clockwise: Farcry 2 DVD, making of dvd, map, Art of Farcry and Farcry 2 Tshirt

The realism of FC2'S fire...

Not forgetting its realistic A.I.

I must emphasize on the truth that the collector's edition for Far Cry 2, is seriously unbelievably worthwhile, (every friggin' penny, mind you). At SGD$72.90, it comes packed with - the art of far cry 2, a hugeass map of the entire ingame world, making of far cry dvd with a nice sleeve, and a far cry 2 t shirt, last but not least the video game itself.
Going straight to it, Far Cry 2 bears NO continuity from its previous title, Far Cry. There will be no Trigens, mutagens, zombiegens, or whateveryoucallit-gens. No foul-breath, flesh eating monsters will be on this title.
However the vast, visually appealing marvel of a landscape, is still retained in this title. Only this time round, you're no longer in tropical paradise, but in the harsh plains of Africa. (It is not exactly specified that you're in africa though...or as far as i'm into the game*)
Pardon me because i'd be taking a moment to compare between both titles. Being one who follows games through its titles would generally allow/lead gamers to compare and constrast the improvements made through the titles and my very first impression of FAR CRY 2, though visually appealing, especially notable in its flame effects and pyro-visuals, and better shadows and other minute details, still somewhat retains the feel of its predecessor.
There are vast improvements in realism to the in-game world, thanks to the new engine built specifically FOR far cry 2, Dunia . For starters, the enviroment is completely destructable, from wooden bridges, to the foilage, shrubs and trees. Oh, and did i mention, they can be set ablaze! yes. Raze and burn it down to the grown. But likewise in the real world. Dry/dead grass burns best, whilst fresh leaves in constrast are much harder.
Other particular points to note are the details like the smoking effect coming from machine guns that have heated up..to even the barrels bursting into first. Flame effects on trees on fire look so real that you can even see the tree leaves disintergrate in ash. You could also use sleep to pass time or change the time of day. A very important strategy when attempting to infiltrate enemy camps to use the cover of night.
Enemies do not just die upon getting major wounds to arms, legs or stomachs, the groan on the floors and even are cappable of whipping out their pistols to take pot-shots at you. Added realism goes to the weapons, from the realistic gunfires and muzzle bursts and the audio for it. I seriously must hand it to the develops. From the solid thuds and clucks to the firing sounds. Those rifles and pistols and firearms pack a loaded punch.
Furthermore, weapons age! weapons picked from fallen enemies tend to be rusty, or old, and hence prone to weapon jams! how awesome is that. Yes, though it screws with your oneman on the world gungho gun totting action, it is true that weapons get jammed! * rifle I.A*
Fixing the jam would take some time but its in these minute details that Far Cry 2 scores.
Interesting to note also, would be the healing process, watching your character digging bullets out of of his arms and legs with a pair of pliers to prevent himself from bleeding to death is something to behold. Syringes are your replacement of the previous Far Cry's medkits.
What i felt seriously marred the game, was a simple err or not including bullet wounds to the enemies when they have been shot or killed. Where far cry scored in realism for being able to gawk at a corpse you've just blown away with a shotgun, and admire your personal handiwork, to a headshot with a sniper....Far Cry 2 lacks in this aspect. Which to me, was a serious downer.
another minor thing to note is the somewhat inelastic and stiff facial expression of the A.I when conversing with you. apparently they seem pretty reluctant to open their mouths....

The storyline for FC2 takes time to carry on, and the start could be a tad' draggy at first. The system incoporates other npcs as buddies, people you can count on later in the game ( i haven't gone that far yet *) they will be able to revive you when you are wounded and pull you from the jaws of death. and at times they will need you to revive them too. and you could...COULD make the choice of putting them out of their misery or save them. =D . good clean FUN!
all in all this title is one NOT to miss
On the Stormtrooper Effect's scale of awesomeness!
THIS title gets a whoopin' 8.5 out of 10.0
score count :
+ for realistic graphics and extensive island exploration known in FC
+ believable gunfire soundeffects, muzzle flashes and even weapon jams
+ for destructive enviroments!
+ realistic fire effects
- no bullet hole wounds on enemies ( deduction of 1 point )
- poor facial expression on A.I. during conversations ( deduction of 1/2 point )

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dead Space and Far Cry 2 Review upcoming!

Dead Space

Far Cry 2
Will be doing a review on Dead Space by Sunday, getting the game tomorrow...
Yes, i know i missed the release date of 16th october, however i've only just fixed my personal desktop after a full year's worth of inactivity in the video game section...
In the meanwhile, i'm still waiting for Far Cry 2 to hit the shelves. Far Cry 1 sure as hell was one totally revolutional FPS. With its island wide exploration and multiple ways to approach and eliminate enemies...and for the ''tropical disaster of a paradise'' to twist from mercenary butchering to experimental monster hunting. HELL, it sure is one title to remember.
now...does Far Cry 2 bring along the horror/monster genre back? or its mercenary/betrayal - faction choosing genre? we'd see soon enough...

Top 10 Movie Villains of all time ( Michael Myers ) Halloween

In addition to the last post on the TOP 10 MOVIE VILLAINS of all time,
Voted by Tom of The Film Kiwi, here it is....

Michael Myers from Halloween! The kitchen knife wielding, butcher of teenagers, who cannot die, as far as we know ( from stabbing, fire, or shooting even) which practically makes him ''UN-KILL-ABLE''

This villain stops at nothing, and cannot be stopped. Halloween masks and factory suits are his favourite gear, and with Halloween just around the corner...it would be wise to be on guard...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top 10 movie Villains of All Time! (Candidates)

Alrighty! As i have spoken to other fellow reviewers, enthusiasts and collectors about...having a small ranking of our favourite silver screen villains of all time!

It goes in no particular order or ranking of how bad-ass they are...and as yet these are the potential candidates to RULE THE WORLD! in fear and oppression!
If the criteria to be a baddie was to have a kickass suit of armor, and a thunderous voice, Sauron, from Lord of the Rings sure hits em' all. ''ONE ring to rule them all'' need i say more?

Venom, as seen in Spiderman 3 - this tragic character eddie brock, fused with the alien symbiote from spiderman, has left eddie brock from hopeless sucidal, to vengeful villain...

Now, to the Villain that needs no introduction, this fallen, prophecised saviour of the jedi and also the man who made famous the phrase we all know now '' i am your father'' - Dark Lord of the sith, has inspired fear into the galaxy beyond despite surrounding himself with rather incompetent stormtroopers with a penchant to miss their targets (stormtrooper effect)...ladies and gentlemen....Darth Vader!

Reader BEWARE do not judge this frail old man by his looks. For this is one who has manipulated galaxies, and the foolish jedi into handing him all the power he needed to rule the world...Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Sidious, is a foe to watch out for.

'Norma' Norman Bates, in Psycho. Dont' let his charming looks fool ya ladies, this man is a serious lady killer. An the plus factor? He dresses like his mom to kill people!!!
'' Oh look normy....you pansy in your mommies' dressy!''

Jason Voorhees. Stone cold killer. Legend. pairs up pretty well on screen with fellow baddie - Jason

Jigsaw Killer: Jonathan Kramer...from SAW. Butcher and psychotic sadist who pleasures himself in watching people struggle in his deathtraps. Boy, aren't we glad he's dead. Though, don't get too cocky yet. The film found in his autopsy tells us that the games have JUST begun...

The late Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight. A total anarchist and agent of chaos. One of the most threatening and terrifiying villains silver screen will ever see brought to life.

Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Voldermort. This supposed baddie from the Harry Potter franchise somehow turned out whacked up pansy in the film's adaptation. And does not seem as terrifying and as villainous as he was portrayed in books. Well, don't judge books by its covers...

John Milton/ Satan. Seen in The Devil's Advocate. By far, in my honest opinion, the most believable, most ruthless, manipulative, and true to the books like we've read it's version of ''satan''. This guy is one man you do NOT want to fuck with.

Heard the phrase, you can Run, but you can't HIDE? cause' there's only so far that you can run in your nightmares when Freddy Krueger come's knockin' on the door.

Mystique. The hot shape shifting babe in X-men. Well, she could shapeshift to any human form she wants too. Kills people in cold blood. Plus she's got one helluva of a hot bod. Heartless-check, special powers-check, hot bod-check. Qualifies to be a Baddie imho.

Blabberpus for the week.

As it has been a long time since i was into gaming, i have since become out of touch with the latest games or best sellers other than those that particularly interest me eg: star wars force unleashed (hence waited a year for it)

So it is no suprise that i made a HORRENDOUS choice or purchasing a cheap-production-poor-graphical-textured video game. Yes, it's the only video game i've bought this year, and it by far is the worst.

My punishment for buying on impulse to burn time for the day. And what game was it? you might ask, Soldier of Fortune: Payback..... I always had a thing for soldier of fortune, be it the mindless senseless violence and gore which most games do not do so explicitly ( strewn limbs, heads, arms, blood spraying etc...) to the fast past run-and-gun action.

however this third instalment to the ''once'' popular title, has obvious buried, or cemented SOF's position in the videogame junk graveyard.

i was playing today right after purchasing it, and despite playing on easy, i realise that it seriously was a B I T C H, to get enemies. not that it wasn't hard to kill them, but it was bloody shoddly hard to spot them. Whilst i would say Call of Duty 4 was challenging as enemies sometimes blended well in the background, i would still applaud the realism and detail in the models and textures, however as for SOF3...the problem was the textures of the background and models were so BLAND, that the enemy models HARDLY stood out at all. Appalling really. While i may not be hardcore into the new games since my PC'S breakdown....i must say i still keep in constant practice for my FPS skills, but with the atrocious textures, terribly unconvincing gunshots and poor storyline cum narration .....this title falls FLAT. as in terribly flat.

Gamers will not be able to fully engage and be emotionally invested into the game. furthermore the action is blatantly unconvincing, and A.I is terribly dumb even at the hardest setting, and the only offensive or rather skill they have which aided them in their quest for my annahilation was the poor graphics and textures which made em' so well camouflaged. ( COD4 AT its hardest setting was still fun despite having to die every few seconds) in SOF3 , you could die wondering where or what happened.

controls were sluggish and sprint only headed in one direction. wtf?

ah well. for 39.90 it already is terribly overpriced. and as for its rating, i wont give it anywhere above 3 out of 10.

Highly unadvisable unless you have an expandable amount of cash and time.

on the other hand, after this experience, i'm going back to my old regime of doing some good old proper catch-up with the gaming scene....to prevent further dissapointments like these.
as yet two titles that have appealed to me since researching cross referencing reviews were DEAD SPACE and FAR CRY 2....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Batman

Sleeve on back view

Sleeve off front cover


I have yet to remove this awesome figure out of his box, but till i get all my target figures, Ironman, joker, mark 1 ironman, then i'd get a new shelve display THEN open them all. Won't want the oxygen to oxidize my figures and degrade it...

To note, TFH gave me an awesome price for this figure. I thought it was going for 239, however it was 205...bloody amazing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Max Payne Hits Theatres.

Movie costume

The clothes that made the MAN(video game)

Max Payne HAS hit theatres. And though i will be watching it tomorrow, i must still say the anticipation is killing me. Yes, every video game fanboy of max payne's will be driven nuts now that it's here.
The things i always loved about max payne....how can i name it all...film noir, slow-mo gunfights, comic book narrative graphics, solid narration with the whole dark, deep, emotional, vengeful ANTI HERO.

I particularly loved the intro of the film, ( i have yet to watch it) but through online releases, i noted that the film stayed very true to its video game roots. With Mark Walberg's narration in the comic bookesque style. Furthermore his voice and character is evidently a right choice to play as the titucular role, Max Payne.

however the reviews i've read from the papers and online as yet, were somewhat dismal about the movie. But i'd still watch the movie. and i'd be back with a full review tomorrow.

A look at the movie's intro here

Left 4 Dead

Awesome screens of Left 4 Dead. I have been, and still am anxiously anticipating its release. Particularly due to my interest in the whole concept of zombie apocalypse/ end and survival of the human race. Furthermore, there has never, i repeat never been a decent zombie shooter game as yet IMO. And i had always pondered the possibilities of a zombie shooter game ever since the release of the SOURCE engine.
Because at its time, ( 2004 - ) it was one of the best engines and most realistic yet. And to have this concept or idea realized, is certainly a fanboy/geek's dream come true.
basically L4D is about 4 survivors who find themselves, obviously, stuck in a zombie infested city and are struggling to get out. The game heavily emphasizes on teamwork and cooperation for survival. Trailer seems decent though since then the graphics has improved.
so you can check out left 4 dead's webbie...right here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Custom TDK batman pictures

I found these pictures in mediworld forums. As many other collectors found their TDK batman to be a tad' fat...some took the initiative to actually mod it. Which can be seen in these few pictures.

How the suit comes together

The armored body figures

Sanding the butt cheeks to allow more poses for the legs
Sanding of the pectorals , upper ribs and midsection of collarbone..( to allow batman to tilt neck)

While it does look way much better after customing, batman no longer looks like fatman, i feel that the customer sanded a tad too much off the sides of the upper ribs...making his waist seem too slim and making his legs look out of proportion.
Great custom IMHO. Though i must say i'm not certain whethere i'd do that for my own figure. Preferably i should wait for HT's slim bodies to come out before substituting? perhaps.