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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Iron Man Mark III Photoshoot Coming Soon.

Yes, i've just finished snapping hero poses off my latest haul, Hot Toy's Iron Man Mark III. Many thanks to Mirrornoob for collecting it on my behalf.
Have been down with high fever, flu and a terrible sorethroat this past week. ( and no its not because of the new year goodies, hadn't touched any as yet.) Mostly transmitted by family members who fell ill. With the lack of proper sleep and poor immunity. I am still shaking it off.
That aside, rejoice Adrian! I'd find a way to turn your mind around to get this awesome figure. I'm sorry that this post will come in a day later than promised. The full photoshoot pictures will be up, later in the day.


Jcee said...

Can't wait for those pics!

The cold and flu has been going around here too. Probably due to the extreme cold weather we are experiencing (-20C~).

Get well soon!

sei.mn said...

Cool! can't wait to look at the shots!

Chun Sang said...

O.o your shots are bound to look better than mine like big time.can't wait, your teaser shot is hot stuff.lol.

LEon said...

Look great bro so far. Hope you recover soon.

Joshua said...

@ jcee - thanks bro..really appreciate the concern

@ Minna - haha...its done and up now!

@chunsang - lol teaser nice but i nvr pose ironman much....more focus on getting the armor details to stand out..

@ Leon - thanks for the concern bro..appreciate