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Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Hot Toys 12' inch 1/6 scale Dream List

drawing inspiration from KENMOO on his dreamlist of toys from hot toys, here's my list of toys i wanna see MADE, AND REALISED!!!

M icon
- billie joe armstrong from american idiot album/timeframe with BLUE or FLOYD his guitar!
- kurt cobain ( mirrornoob's suggestion )

Movies Masterpiece
-Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden from Fight Club
-Edward Norton as Narrator from Fight Club
-Arnold Schwarzenegger as T800 in Terminator Judgement Day ( that's a cult fav )
-Star Wars Clone Wars Clone troopers realised into 12' inch figures! Animated version
- A real good brooding with stone cold killer stare Daniel Craig as james bond!
- or perhaps a Defiance version of daniel craig
- Antonio Banderas as Zorro
- The transporter from transporter 1.
- Leonardo di caprio in blood diamond and the departed. BOTH are awesome.
- Tom cruise in tactical gear in Mission Impossible III - won't that be awesome!

Video Games Realization
- Gordon Freeman of Half Life 2
- Raziel from Legacy of kain Soul Reaver 2
- Agent 47 from Hitman series ( movie was crap, tim olyphant didn't ring true with videogamers. too slim, not buff enough. not bald enough either. still could see stubble on his head. )
- Max Payne baby!!! ( i dont' mind mark walberg likeness)

that should be about it...


Chun Sang said...

i want the hulk from incredible hulk.and a true lies arnie.and dragon tiger gate also!

LOL to can still see stubble on his head.

BaseGuardian said...

lol, I just post a quite same article. But I want VG Masterpiece only, RE5 and Isaac Deadspace. lol