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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hot Toys 12' inch Predator: Major Alan '' Dutch '' Schaefer

I guess the bets are up now, with this headsculpt, upon release will be the BEST, Arnold Schwarzenegger headsculpt out there. Beating the previous line of arny's terminator t - 800 headsculpt. Pretty pleased that they've scored the license to make this really wanted figure for predator fans out there..
still remember when i was a kid and my dad would watch this movie with me, and i'd be awed by Arny's blazing gun and showdown with the predator...up till the removal of the predator's mask etc...
a must score for me...that aside, NOW GIVE US TERMINATOR SALVATION, OR AT LEAST TERMINATOR 2/3 LINE WITH ARNY HOT TOYS!!!! you've got the license! no excuses !


Deity said...

I must know where you got this toy! I can't find it anywhere!!

Joshua said...

its currently rather hard to find as its been releasaed some time back, but i do remember China Square Central, the store right beside vincents on the first floor to still be carrying one piece, that is if you're based in singapore.