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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Playskool's Mr Potato Head Star Wars SpudTROOPER!

Presented to me by mirrornoob! As a christmas gift for one i've given him a long time ago back in 05'.

First spotted this awesome toystory-star wars mashup figure with my brother whilst on christmas shopping on monday this week. Priced at $9.90 it was pretty decent and i was considering getting it when i decided to give it a miss to save up for other stuff.
So when i was out today on christmas eve with the bros' i went back to Toys R us to take a look at it, and i suggested it being a great additional christmas gift for his girl, being cute and decently priced, hence mirrornoob scored one for his girl and also got one for me as a christmas gift! THANKS BRO!

Equipped with a laser masher and spud armor to save their skins, the mighty SPUDTROOPERS have sworn their allegiance to DARTH tater. Now the rebel alliance must flee to keep from getting fried!!!!

Toy story's mr potato head as a stormtrooper....what could possibly go wrong???




sei.satō said...

COOL! what a nice little one to be collected!

astrogalaxy said...

This is one of my favourite!

Ulric said...

Playskool's Mr Potato Head Star Wars SpudTROOPER! ... toysplayskool.blogspot.com