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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Movies not to miss.

When i first heard the title, pride and glory..i didn't pay much attention to it...not even when Colin Farrell's name popped up. But when Edward Norton's name came up...my interest was perked. And after watching the trailer on HD, i'm SOLD. totally.

Perhaps its due to Edward Norton's long standing reputation with quality films with solid character developement, ( fight club, 25th hour, american history X, the score ) -i missed hulk 2-

besides i have and still am a great fan of the dark brooding grittyness of cop/crime dramas, ( the departed, Heat, street kings ) so i will be heading down to cineleisure today...to catch the first screening of this movie, and i'd be back with a review. Hopefully it doesn't dissapoint.


LEon said...

What the story about? Do a review after you have watch it. Hope is the same if not better than fight club.

Little Plastic Man said...

I love fight club! Please review...I might want to catch this

Joshua said...

no probs guys! the review's up already!