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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terminator 4: Salvation

Got a headsup' from KEN's site...this is one of the reasons to live through the year 2009!
and i seriously do hope HOT TOYS do bank on this movie franchise to give us collectors a John Conner 12'inch figure. That would be seriously orgasmic!
had always been a fan of terminator movies since my dad introduced it to me as a child, and i've been following up on t4:salvation but with all the overwhelming tons of great movies and memorabila drowning collectors, the dark knight, ironman, the spirit, james bond etc....i kinda forgot to follow up with T4:S.
that aside, The End Begins, 22nd May 2009

Win or lose, this war ends tonight.

''What happened here?''
''Judgement day''

'' You, me, we've been at war set before either of us existed.''
''You tried to kill my mother. You killed my father. You will not kill me''


the film kiwi said...

Im sooooo lookin forward to this! Also brought up with Terminator, gonna have to go and watch the previous ones now (yay!) Have a good one josh, just updated my blog as to my absence, lol...have an awesome xmas!

Joshua said...

good to have you back with us bro!

looking forward to your reviews!

the film kiwi said...

haha yea, im gettin really behind now...i didnt realise how much time i spent watching movies before i got a job, lol. All good though :P