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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot Toys Licence Acquisitions

as yet from forums and some of the displays they've showcased at Japan's Toy Fair, we now know that Hot Toys has now undertaken serious business by tanking and churning out more toys, from various licences, rapidly. Perhaps a little to fast for us to regenerate/recover/reccuperate from our expenditures.

namely, the licences taken up by HOT TOYS are as follows,

1. The Matrix
and as yet they've only showcased a scaled replica of the Sentinel. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a 1/6th Neo.
Credits for the picture goes to EDDIE WONG of www.eddiewong.net

2. Disney Pixar's UP!

3. Giger's Visionary ALIEN

4. Mars Attack ( a licence which took me off guard and by suprise)

i wasn't aware that Mars Attack had a strong cult following, and quite frankly found the film rather disturbing as a child. with martians randomly zapping humans to dust with no rhyme or reason, running around screeching and wailing and decapitating prisoners. Hardly a choice of film to watch for a child don't you think?
Either way its left an indeliable mark in my head... and here goes Hot Toys doing the licence of the Tim Burton adaptation.

Credits for the picture goes to Eddie Wong of www.eddiewong.net
and on updates, wolverine's headsculpt has been improve tremendously though i do believe they can tweak it up a tad more to make it more ''Hugh Jackmanish''
Credits for the picture goes to Eddie Wong of www.eddiewong.net

Other relevant information would be that Hot Toys has acquired the licence for Spiderman and Blade from Marvel.
Now i can't wait to see what they'd churn out for these lines. But i must say that Hot Toys indeed are tanking down the toy collector's path, putting out into the market more figures with fury. Hardly letting collectors the time to breathe...
whilst its a good thing, its pretty much a downside for us poor and broke folks and the completist fanboys... that wallet's gonna feel the pain!!!


Little Plastic Man said...

Mars attack!!!Yes thank you God!
And I was not a child when the movie came out!!LOL

LEon said...

I am waiting for them to do Monica Bellucci in the martix to see how it will look like if they do out one. LOL. The sentinel should be big like macfarlane's?

Joshua said...

@ Adrian - for me its thank god i'm not interested in the licence, or i'd be very very very broke at the end of this year =D

@ Leon - according to those who went to the Japan toy fair, it was said to be on a smaller scale than the macfarlane version..

and yeah alot of pple are waiting for a monica bellucci! though i'm waiting for NEO!!!

Michel van Opstal said...

I can believe that Hottoys will do
the Matrix!!I'm waiting for a long time for a accurate figure of Neo,Morpheus and Trinity!!That's a good news!!

Joshua said...

i seriously hope they'd do those figures michel....that'd be awesome, though i must say that its gonna wind us up broke...

The Rebel said...

I think that HT's recent sweep of the various licenses is due to the emergence of many other 1/6th scale toy maker companies in the industry....i.e. Enterbay, Sideshow (improving a lot since!) etc.

Good to see the 1/6th mkt being flooded and all. All we CAN do is probably be a smart consumer and being selective helps too 'me reckon! Unless you have an unlimited supply of cash lah, then you can grab everything that HT produces and help to boost your country's GDP while u're at it...:p

deSMOnd said...

I only interested in Wolverine X and the Blade in Wesley Snipes headsculpt..HAHA!!