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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tony Stark Kitbash

So now with the arrival of the Narrow Shouldered True Types, i can now get down with my long awaited Tony Stark's Kitbash!!!

scored me 2 of these Narrow Truetypes as they'd come in handy in the future for say DX Joker? Would be hauling another 2 more this coming weekend, judging by how well they fit on 1/6th clothes.


First and foremost, you'd need a narrow shouldered truetype as they fit best with suits and don't make the figure look too bulky round the arms.

I'm liking the new headsculpt already. Similiar to the released military figure, the secret service with G36c.



Narrow Shoulders True Type comes with the standard figure, a pair of hands and a neck post.


You'd need the Hot Toy's Men's Suits specifically for Tony Stark Kitbashes.




looking' good!





Stark, billionaire playboy and industrialist

Now tell me who this resembles? Keanu's chin seems pretty obvious. the rest? is anyone's guess.

Instructions for the glasses!


LEon said...

Keanu head do look like the actor of Spider-man...

deSMOnd said...

One thing I don't like about the HT Men Suit is the collar part of the white shirt as the collar doesn't fit well to the neck and cannot cover the tie properly and the sun glasses look kind of cheap..

Joshua said...

i agree with you on both accounts desmond, the collar is too small for his neckpost..which makes the tie impossible to knot around. and yeah, the sunglasses is just a thin sheet of metal.

@ Leon - hard to say for certain who it resembles....just struck me that the chin looks a tad much like keanu at an angle...the rest is anyone's guess...=D haha....spider man? hmm....perhaps the hairstyle...