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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sideshow 12' Inch Han & Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise SDCC exclusive

Pardon the poor resolution of the pictures, because i've got em' screenshot from the podcast via SIDESHOW TOYS.

This indeed is the ultimate 12' inch figure for all star wars collectors out there...
Luke and Han in stormtrooper disguise from star wars episode IV. It is a SDCC exclusive hence i expect the prices to be pretty steep and the quality a tad better than usual stormtroopers on shelves now.

watching the podcast, the details on the figure which i didn't post in pictures are
- cloth neck seal ( not on standard stormtroopers )
- fabric inner suit
- detailed stormtrooper helmet interior, revealing fine details, padding, eye pieces and mouthpieces like a real stormtrooper helmet. however is not made to fit both han and luke's heads but to hold in their hands.
- Luke comes with grappling hook wound and unwound to pose in action
- detailed E-11 blasters ( similiar to standard stormtroopers )
- detailed headsculpts of mark hamil and harrison ford as both luke and han in EPISODE IV

this is indeed the ultimate figure for star wars collectors. and while i have been passing on lately on most sideshow's star wars line, because of my nitpicky attitude due to the small crotch guard, oversized chest plate, etc and have been leaning favourably towards medi's take on star wars because of its much more proportionate size, i must say that right now, SIDESHOW has indeed got my fullest attention with this SDCC exclusive pair.
and according to Armand, they're going to be available on 15th May via Simply Toys (emailed simply toys and they've yet to reply) . Hell, i'm sold and up for this bunch of figures. Anyone jumping on the bandwagon too???


sket said...

the height difference between the duo is a nice touch. i wont mine sharing the pair, i'll hv luke .... heheh

Dash MacBastard said...

The interior of the helmets rock!

LEon said...

Sound really good. How much do you think it will cost for both of them? They are selling it as a set right?

deSMOnd said...

Have to see final product first..As for your HT suit for Tony Stark, there are currently "out of stocks" in Hong Kong..

Armand said...

They kinda look like ghosts innit

Joshua said...

@Sket - i don't mind sharing too...depending on the prices if i can't afford both =D will update you once i get the prices bro!

@ Dash Macbastard - hell yeah..its so much details on the inside man...

@ Leon - i guess roughly 400 or more, considering its a SDCC exclusive and with simply toy's nature to jack the price up, expect 500 for the pair. and yes it comes in a pair.

@ Desmond - thanks for all the trouble bro...i truly appreciate it and its alright...hopefully TFH will bring in stocks for those suits bro!

@ Armand - haha! ghosts...my poor screenshot resolution makes it abit faint...

Michel van Opstal said...

I want it!!I want it!!
The details inside de helmet are
incledible!!And the head sculpt looks great!!