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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The 2009 Preorder List

With the current economy and tight budget that i'm on, i'm hardpressed to make the most of my dollar, and with that here goes the list of preorders that i currently have though i believe i might have to cut off some to fit nicely with my budget.

1. Predator ( first movie )- Hot Toys
2. John Connor ( Terminator Salvation ) - hot toys
3. T-600 endoskeleton (terminator salvation ) -Hot toys
4. T-700 Endoskeleton (terminator salvation ) - hot toys
5. MMS DX Joker -Hot Toys

Figures that i'm still considering to get

6. Chris Redfield BSAA ( resident evil 5) -Hot Toys
7. Sheva Alomar BSAA ( resident evil 5) -Hot Toys

8. Dutch (predator 1 ) -Hot toys
9. Jack Bauer (24) - Enterbay

Licences i'm still awaiting

Wolverine X-MEN by hot toys

boy oh boy...with so little money and so much choice, man 2009 sure is a year for collectors...


RiP666 said...

woww...what a great list...

wolverine will be a great choise if it is come out soon ^^

Jcee said...

Haha that's a loooong list...nice choices though. Good that I don't collect 6th scale, actually not that I don't want to, just can't afford to haha...can't wait to see the Predator and the Salvation stuff!!!

Kenny said...

Budget, budget... I understand what you mean bro. For me, the only 1/6 figures I have on pre-order are the Predator and Major Dutch Schaefer. Passing on everything else, although it'll be hard to say no to Wolverine.

Joshua said...

@ Rip666- i agree wolverine would be great...hopefully HT doesn't release a DX version etc...

@Jcee- salvation would be impressive...likewise with predator

@ Kenny - yeah its always the money problem for all collectors...otherwise we'd all be sporting our fav toys....speaking of which..i still regret cancelling my dutch preorder...dunno if its too late to reorder again...