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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enterbay: 24 Jack Bauer ( My Favourite Toy Contest)

I am submitting this review for competition via SHAUN's blog. To compete to win a SIDESHOW stormtrooper...so head down there and vote for me! voting opens on 11th may and closes on the 17th.


Having just bought this figure today, and with so much time constraints in my schedule these days, replacing my Bank Robber Joker which i planned to feature as my favourite toy and have already taken pictures of, obviously meant one simple thing. That this figure truly indeed is the epitome of most 1/6th scaled figures.

And yes, for once i can truly say that i have one figure that i can say outranks, outshines and outmatches all other figures in my shelve, and possibly the market at the moment.

I have always been a supporter from the Hot Toys camp, having seen its unmistakable quality in both its sculpts, costuming and even accessories. From the details scars on the joker to the nitpicks of its military figure costumes, to the downright nitty weapons, whose ammo clips can be removed, cocked back etc.

and for me to suddenly be swayed and awed by Enterbay is indeed a feat no one else can pull off than Jack Bauer of 24 MADE BY ENTERBAY.

I remember vaguely watching season 1 of 24 once, before gradually getting hooked. I was looking for some television show to just burn time off. It was Jack Bauer's intensity, raw aggression and the determination to do what he feels is right irregardless of the law and rules, where the ends actually justifies the means sometimes, which drew me into the film. Anti-hero/ Hero/ patriot/ torturer/ father/ husband/ lover/ murderer. the various complex faucets of Jack bauer, portrayed superbly by Kiefer Sutherland.

Look at the details. From the glass eyes which are seperate pieces inserted into the head, to the wrinkles and frown on his face. the rough stubble sculpted and painted to the full head of hair. All these details are yet to be seen on products by Hot Toys. however much i favoured HT back then..i now realise that Enterbay indeed has come into play to rival HT.

you can mistake this sculpt as a photo of the REAL kiefer sutherland

Furthermore the paint apps are superior and you can even see the careful paint application to various parts of the face to bring out the depth, contours and lighting hues of the face to give it realism and life. Truly Enterbay has blown me away in every aspect of the sculpt. Flushing of the face and stubble are so real you will find that every cent you paid for you got more than its worth back.

Enterbay also did a very good take on Kiefer's hair...with the carving lines, wave and fullness and texture. something Hot toys has yet to reach.
his sandy blonde hair at every angle looks so damn good.
and yes, that unmistakable chin and wonky ears!!!
if you didn't yet know..they actually made cavity for the nose and ears. that's how realistic it is!
intense, brooding, Jack bauer wins all other figures i've seen in terms of headsculpt hands down.

not to forget, the costume is cut to fit and brings out 24's season 4 to life in 1/6th scale like no other.
with his standard USP Tatical and trademark sling bag. holster.. boy, pop culture has come alive!

the realism stands out and rings true through different light conditions.

Whilst accessories wise this figure may not reach the par that of HT, it can easily be replaced with 1/6th weapons easily available. Most importantly the headsculpt that Enterbay has done, is a bar set which many other 1/6th toy makers have yet to hit, and indeed enterbay is now rivalling HT. which is a good thing for collectors out there. giving us choice and better quality.
Jack bauer of 24. Enterbay FTW!


deSMOnd said...

Glad that you finally got Jack..Enterbay rocks!!

Shaun said...

hey Joshua, voting's on, go to my blog, and vote via the poll engine at the middle column. Good luck!

Little Plastic Man said...

Good luck Josh!!

Michel van Opstal said...

Nice acquisition Joshua!!
Now, I am seriously thinking in acquiring one for me too!!
Really awesome!!

Shaun said...

joshua, I need your input on the voting process, thanks: http://testicular-fortitude.blogspot.com/2009/05/win-12-inch-sideshow-star-wars.html#comment-8270108431948248459. Please see my comment after cedric's, thanks

LEon said...

That's a nice figure with the good likeness of the actor but the body seems a bit too skinny for him IMHO.