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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Toys Iron Man 2: War Machine (Pictures Released)


And here we have it, in its full glory, War Machine, by Hot Toys.
Looking very impressive, and carrying a ton of heavy weaponry too.




Whilst i'd say everything looks perfect, despite the film not being out yet,
I'd go as far as to say i find James Rhodes/Don cheadle likeness is totally off.
While the features are discernable, it still strikes me as a way miss in the features department.

And pardon me for being a wet blanket as to say that his head looks squashed to the top of the helmet too.



Everything else looks mighty fine!







Seems pretty apparent, Hot Toys invested a significant amount of time in R&D to come up with the nifty little details like movable fingers and abdomen pieces. Though i hope they dont' come around with a BD/DX version, though i guess we'd all see that coming around if its popularity is overwhelming.

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