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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3: Movie Review

Toy Story 3, follows up as decade long awaited sequel to the franchise so fondly known and treasured in the hearts of the inner child within us. Toy Story 3, truly succeeds in delivering the essence of what Toy Story had always been about, the inner child within us, the emotive attachments with the characters we've grown so fond of through the years, and with a twist this time around, how things never stay the same with the passing of time.

Toy Story 3 takes viewers to a darker place of finality which we always knew would happen. Children grow up, and outgrow the very toys they grew up with. The simple fact on how things could and would not last forever. Despite its somewhat underlying darker theme, Toy Story 3 is truly a heart warming, tear jerking emotive film suitable for viewers of all ages, and reconnects every adult with that little child in us, and brings back every small childhood memory we've ever had with any toy in our lives.

A DEFINITE must watch, irregardless of the kind of films you love. And by far from the rest of this summer's films thus far, this one scores a 5/5 stars with me.

Disney/Pixar never fails to deliver with their films. Oh, and likewise with Disney/Pixar films, this too comes along with a short film entitled '' Day & Night" Truly touching too, especially when it came to that old vintage radio voiceovers.

Don't miss this film for the world. And best caught in 3D.