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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Purchases thus far

With the holidays having just begun, comes along the opportunity to show what i've been doing thus far.

While this may seem like alot, the purchases above are separate between what i've bought and completed since the start of the year, (the left) and those i've just bought today. (Right)

I don't quite need to explain the Hurt Locker, hearing rave reviews about it from friends and family alike and having won the Oscar for best picture, its pretty clear i had to have it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a good distraction for the start of the year but i've since moved on to Splinter Cell Conviction since i've been anticipating its release for a good 3 years. Though i can't quite say the same for AVP.

And ever since the PC's release of SCC, its been pretty much devoured, yes devoured my leisure time but the time has come for me to take off the gloves, put back those tri-focal-splinter-cell goggles and put this game down. Its been a blast, and i'd say i'd be damn if you're a gamer and haven't played it, but having unlocked all the PEC challenges and juiced all the fun i could with it through coop, its time to move on.

The purchases to the left were done today. Couldn't get my eyes off from the latest Green Day album, the original broadway cast recordings and what nots....got a few badges to ornate my guitar strap whilst waiting for it to be serviced and have its pickups changed.

Yep the Pickups I picked out to upgrade my guitar with. Quite a hefty sum, but a long overdued overhaul for my guitar.

And laugh all you want, i know its a little late to pick up GTA IV since its end 2008 release, but i've got both GTA IV and its Episodes from liberty city to keep me preoccupied during this video game dry spell till the release of THE FORCE UNLEASHED II, scheduled for a 26th October release.

oh, and that little can named ''buff'' is actually a nice stretchy scarf/mask/bandanna, commonly known from survivor, though in a different print. Will come in handy when i hit the road on my bike.(mud splatters and drizzle do get in the way)