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Monday, November 30, 2009

Gadget UPGRADES! Nikon D5000

As of late i've been fiddling with my new gadget for the past month, namely the Nikon D5000, got an additional lens for it to help supplement my use with the stock lens.

had been picking up tips and tricks from fellow friends who also owned DSLRs' too, and now i'm blown away to a whole new level of photography where i could finally adjust my ISO settings specifically, the exposure and whatnots.


A sample shot with my DSLR. Kudos to those who figure where this picture was taken. or what it is to begin with. =D Drop your answers in the comments section!

Many thanks to Paul Shi once again for his patience and expertise on DSLRs'

Meanwhile i've gotten started on my Stormtrooper Armor Project which was delayed for a month due to some complications with replacement parts, as some pieces were pretty banged up during shipping and some pre-cut sections were not up to standard. (Trust is a fragile concept on Ebay).
Aside from that minor speed bump, i've managed to find alternatives to those problems and am pretty glad to say that i've completed almost 40 percent of the armor in one day, Kudos to Mr. Kwoh, whose help sped up the process and with whom i couldn't do without.
Pictures of the process as well as detailed shots with my new DSLR will be coming right up!!! However in the meanwhile i'd be looking for ABS CEMENT as some of the hot glue i used isn't exactly durable and i might be stripping down some sections and rebonding it with ABS cement.
Now does anyone know where to find ABS CEMENT? I've tried local hardward stores from d.i.y to homefix to shophouses to no avail. any information would be appreciated!


LEon said...

Good to hear you get a DSLR. The photo look like taken from the top of a water fountain in high speed.

As for ABS Clement. I happen to find this one on a website in singapore. Maybe you want to give them a call at tech park.

Maybe I do a comic strip about you in stormtrooper suit. LOL but must be original okay? :D

Joshua said...

@ Leon - Nice guess but not quite right ..HEH....a hint would be that it's related to christmas! and can be found at Orchard!

and seriously thanks a million on the link to the ABS cement, was extremely helpful, though i just returned from purchasing some turpentine and epoxy glue... though i'm gonna use epoxy for the upper armor parts and ABS cement for the lower parts of the armor which would be under more strain.

ordering the cement immediately! thx a million for the help bro!

Armand said...

Lemme guess, a ceiling decor in a mall or something?

Joshua said...

@ Armand - Very close, Very VERY close. but not quite there yet.

sherilyn said...

I'm thinking Wheelock? (:

Joshua said...

@ Sherilyn - you're SO CLOSE! very close answer!

sherilyn said...

e glass dome of wheelock, yes? hahah

Joshua said...

nope. but its a ''ceiling'' of somewhere CLOSE to wheelock, won't exactly call it a ceiling though... head to orchard and walk around, you might just find it!