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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Toys' Next Project ( Tony Stark Sneak Pictures )

This is the one figure many if not MOST collectors have been speculating about ever since Hot Toys released a youtube videofeed of their offices and some snippets of it featured one of their artists working on what seemed to look like Tony Stark from IRON MAN, with the prototype parts of the repulsor engines and such ( shown below )

Well, i can say for certain that we will most likely be seeing it announced sometime soon, and by golly, i'd be glad to have a spot on Robert Downey Junior headsculpt! Despite what most may have said, i still feel strongly that the first sculpt of Tony was a tad generic and missed the essential features of RDJ.
I'd wait and see for this upcoming release!


The Rebel said...

I can't help it...somehow I have this tingling urge to get this particular figure....that headsculpt rocks!!!!

Nevermind the fact that Stark is NOT in armour...it looks hauntingly like RDJ himself!!! Any idea bro of when this would be released?

Joshua said...

@THE REBEL - SAME FEELING HERE MATE, though its yet to be announced by Hot Toys, but more than often it'd be about 2 - 3 weeks from ''plastic enemies'' teasers....considering they always seem to be ones who let us speculate on it!

i'm so gonna get this figure!

deSMOnd said...

Gonna save money for this piece :)