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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toy Story Official Trailer

Cue in the familiar soundtrack ''You've Got a Friend in Me'' by Randy Newman, and it sure can strike a chord and bring back fond memories from so long ago.

Everybody's favourite Spaceman and Cowboy are back! Apart from Jim Varney, the original voice of Slinky, who passed away from lung cancer, the rest of the original cast will be reprising their roles. This could possibly be the biggest movie for 2010!

With the anticipation of this long awaited sequel, a decade since the last, I can hardly wait for the toy line for this movie to hit stores!!! The sheer magnitude of reliving childhood days of 95' when the first movie came around would be something to behold.


Jcee said...

Awesome trailer! I can't wait to see it!

The toy line has been available here for a while, but they are not moving much since they are so expensive! I'd like a few of the smaller figures though. The life-size ones are too big and expensive.

Joshua said...

it has been available? you've got any pictures of the line?! how much is it going for at your country?

LEon said...

Joshua they are selling at ToyRus now. Quality wise good but price wise ex...for me that is. Waiting for discount. LOL

Joshua said...

aimming for the toy story collection series....the more definitive figures!

astrogalaxy said...

Great trailer!
I enjoy reading your blog so I've added your link!
It would be great if you can add my link too! Thanks!