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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Stormtrooper Effect: Joshua's Collection

Just got my shelf from ikea, and as such had spent the entire evening of saturday assembling and then displaying my figures.


That aside, i double up my jamming room as my display room too. with posters, toys, many toy boxes and my musical equipment cluttering the room. Here goes my pictures of my humble and as yet, small ( it won't be for long ) collection

*Note* the poster frame's more expensive than the poster itself. ironic.

Top shelf. 12' inch stuff. ( begun collecting only as of this year )

2nd shelf. Misc stuff

The Star wars stuff. 3rd shelf


I would like to mention here, that i've been collecting toys, since a young age but much of which has been lost in time, or broken ( by my younger brother ). As such i resumed collection, mainly for Star Wars 3 3/4 inch figures ...and that's the only line of figures of which has been kept in pretty good condition since way back. ( 10 years ago? )

Never knew much about 12' inch figures or such highly detailed figures till i chanced upon Shaun's Blog, chatted with him via his tagboard, and through his advice and introduction and FASCINATING pictures of diverse toys and all the awesome 12' inch stuff, i've picked up 12' inch collecting and never looked back since. ( except when cruel fate chooses to drain my pocket and pops up with tempting variants of star wars figures )

Also would like to take the opportunity to thank Shaun for his help in answering my queries and recommendation to 12'inch figures and also for giving me heads up on stuff i couldn't find. Thank you Shaun!


Shaun said...

very cool shelf! Looking forward to seeing you fill them up with more figures. Envy the space you're getting to work with. :)

Hey, you're welcome, but really, no thanks needed bro, I share information as much as any other toy collector would. Thanks for the plug. :)

Joshua said...

thanks bro! would be removing the smaller figs to pave way for 12 inch figs as they're fillers as i do not have much 12' inch stuff yet.

and i agree with you on 12'inch figs looking best on the shelves. i get what you mean now that i got a shelve.

m.n said...

i'm going to steal your 12 inch! :)

deSMOnd said...

Yes, this is a perfect display shelf for your coming 12inch figures..

Joshua said...

Thanks Desmond!

Lol minna!

Little Plastic Man said...

very very nice! Once you filled up your shelves, you will start to do creative placement of your old figures to accommodate your new figures! That’s the fun part!! LOL. Yeah...Shuan was the one who inspired me to take a closer look at 12" inch figures!! All hail Shaun!!!..LOL

Joshua said...

yep bro! same here! all hail the Testicular fortitudous SHAUN WONG!


hopefully i'd be able to score bond and a new tux by end of this week or mid next week

Armand said...

You've got a jamming room?! Holy crap dude!

I see precious space on that pretty shelf of yours, more room for more figures eh Joshua? Heh!

Joshua said...

heh heh....right you are brother!

though its going to be quite limited soon